Our Orwellian Overlords

Individualism is groupthink.

Hard work is indolence.

Objectivity is emotion.

Respect is hate.

Delayed gratification is fleeting and temporal.

Apparently Orwell is “the New Normal”, at least among progs:

Not just Orwellian – socially illiterate. These are traits of Western Civilization – which sprouted in the West, which happens to have been almost entirely white until a few hundred years ago, but could hypothetically have happened anywhere the ideals of individual worth and the value of the individual’s work have caught on. For all the left’s yapping about “historical accidents” and “lotteries of history”, this was the ultimate one, in human terms.

I used to wonder what these people supposed would happen when you treat a group that isn’t fundamentally an “Identity” group  as as identity group.   

Now I’m pretty sure that’s the goal. 

49 thoughts on “Our Orwellian Overlords

  1. Actually, I think they did a good job of capturing American during my childhood. This is what America looked like on “Leave it to Beaver.” It’s nostalgic.

    Not anymore, of course. The foundations of society were incrementally chipped away. Welfare in 1964 undermined hard work. Immigration reform in 1965 undermined European ancestry. Roe v. Wade in 1973 and No Fault Divorce in 1975 undermined the nuclear family.

    The poster is a stereotype of White America that has been eroding for 50 years, but fine, let’s say it’s accurate. White people are hard working. Law abiding. Rational. Respect authority. Value property rights. Delay gratification. Plan for the future. Let’s say White people are all those things.

    Now do Black.

    Well yeah, because if those values are White values, then Black values must be different values, maybe even opposite values, right?

    If Black values were the same as White values, they would simply be American values, or Western Civilization values. But they’re not, so that must mean Blacks are, what? Lazy? Shiftless? Thieving? Emotional? Impulsive? Short-sighted?

    Talk about your racist stereotypes! For crying out loud, who drafted this thing? The Ku Klux Klan?

  2. If you think about it, Anti-Whiteness as expressed by BLM is very similar to Environazism. Both have goals of setting us back to the Lower Paleolithic age, before the discovery of fire.

  3. I was going to stumble through pointing out the same thing as Joe above, only less eloquently. That was my first thought- if these are all ‘white’ values, are ‘black’ values the antithesis of these? Where is the ‘proposed black values’ poster? This is another case of pointing out a supposed problem without providing any insight towards a solution.

  4. Wew lads.

    If you think Negroes were angry about George Floyd, just wait until they find out who the left’s “systemic racism” bullshit is *really* aimed at benefiting.

    Biden immigration plan grants citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants

    (Washington Times)

    I know, I know…”But, but the delicious burritos!”.

  5. To give you s sense of proportion, between 1841 and 1933, 6.5 million Irish immigrated to the US.

  6. In Mexico, professionals, that is Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, constitute the country’s wealthy elite (along with drug lords and corrupt politicians, of course).

    They are overwhelmingly descended of Spanish heritage, not indigenous. You can spot them easily, since they have decidedly light skin tone; the darker the skin, the less Spanish influence. This is actually true of all South American countries except Brazil, which descends from Portuguese. Argentinian standard of living is on par with Western countries, as was Venezuela before the Chavistas took power.

    It is these people of majority Spanish heritage that create what little technological and economic progress (drug profits excepted, of course) there is in South America. They are a distinct minority. They are not the people crossing our border because they are living damn fine lives in their native countries; enviable in some respects.

    It is the uneducated, low IQ Mestizo and indigenous South American people that are flooding in. They are undoubtedly hard working, and most, are decent people who exhibit the same moral precepts (real) Americans do (although desperate times call for desperate measures when it comes to making some dinero). But the ones that are not here working for drug cartels have little education or skills; that’s why they’re nailing shingles on your roof and cutting your lawns (and keeping George Floyd in Fentanyl and meth). If they had any technological abilities or potential, they’d be working at TwitGooFace, not East Indians.

    When legalized, they will be doing the work many working Negroes are doing right now; service jobs and Government make work. Many will also be vying for the same gibs 40% of Negroes who don’t care to get their hands dirty depend on; sorry Shaniqua, we have to spread those section 8 vouchers out equally.

    I’ve worked as a contractor for ICA Flour in Mexico doing Delta V projects, a lot. I speak fair Spanish (I did 1 project in San Salvador. Wew lads…never again). I happen to like Mexico and Mexicans; especially the Mestizos. The problem I have with them is, being inherently unable to improve their lot on their own, they instinctively expect government to care for them. That is to say they are natural Socialists.

    The South American countries that are the worst hell-holes are those that have endured full on Communist uprisings among the indigenous people; El Salvador; Guatemala, Nicaragua and Chile. While most have moderated their politics a bit, the indigenous people have retained control of the government…we see how that works for them.

    How ya think it’s gonna work here?

  7. So, according to black people, we can assume that non-whites, especially blacks, do not value punctuality, hard work, and using reason to solve problems.
    And you know this about a person as soon as you can identify that person as non-white.
    Great anti-racism plan they got going, there.

  8. Well, the gun control debate is over.

    Millions of firearms have been purchased in the last 6 months. Friends tell me that ammunition is once again in short supply, but also the inventory of firearms on the shelves is evidently thin. I’ve read that 40% were first time purchases.

    Many of these people have no intention of, and little capability in using them; the fact that they see the value of having them is the lesson here. We’re getting close, lads. Real close. Whoever wins in November, the SHTF shortly afterwards.

  9. swiftee, and naturally, out of work blacks displaced by amnestied mestizos will blame whitey and conservatives. As usual, intended consequences of the progressive policies.

  10. Consider how leftists twist language to twist reality in pursuit of their goals. Words and ideas that confound their agenda are equated with violence. For example, I’m sure reprobates like Peevee or DG would describe my completely factual observations vis-a-vis immigration violent content or inciting violence.

    At the same time, they’ve been conditioned to the hive mind, and would instinctively agree that feral Negroes and leftist terrorists burning and looting cities is pure political expression.

    To the leftist shot caller and his dimwitted cadre, speech they don’t like is violence and violence they like is free speech. When they finally put a lid on free speech, violence is all that remains for everyone.

    We know how that turns out.

  11. swiftee, you gotta lighten up. And that is coming from me, the CDO (chief downer officer)!

  12. The only certainty in life is that nothing stays the same. A large portion of our country cannot accept that the country is getting browner, that women are coming into their power, that people are marrying who they love, and that many are falling away from traditional, patriarchal religion. Trump represents an attempt to stop time and go back, but like the coronavirus, time marches on.

  13. If the nuclear family is a “white” thing, please explain to me why blacks have much higher marriage rates in the Caribbean and Africa. Are they playing white there?

    An interesting thing, off topic a touch, is that the plunge in black marriage rates started around 1950, with the 2nd great migration, and not 1964, with the Great Society. My best guess is that when blacks got back from WWII doing things like being greeted as heroes as “Buffalo Soldiers” (93rd Infantry) in Italy, they saw the difference in Birmingham AL and decided “it doesn’t have to be this way” and moved north. Trouble was, their families and support structures/churches were still in Birmingham, so they ended up doing what all lonely people tend to do a thousand miles from home and had their kids out of wedlock.

    18 years later came the riots in mostly northern and western cities. That’s about the right time for those presumably fatherless kids to start acting like fatherless kids. Now it could be another social shift and the shift in marriage rates is simply that southern demographers counted common law as married and northern ones did not, but there’s something very interesting going on there.

  14. That poster shoukd be placed on the wall of every HR office & college recruiter. Applicants should then be reminded that the company or university expects them to work hard, be punctual, be honest, and take the initiative.

  15. Oops, 92nd Infantry. The 93rd (both were all black) fought in the Pacific campaign.

  16. “Trump represents an attempt to save the nation, but like the coronavirus, Liberals march on toward social and economic collapse.”

    There, fixed it for ya.

    It’s like we’re standing at the wall of the last remaining castle, the hordes are coming over the horizon, and Emery is busy setting fire to the palisade that would keep them out because in The New Order, he’s sure to be rewarded with the respect and appreciation he deserves but never gets.

  17. jpa, my observations are the result of reading from a deep pool of information, leftist and righty. I have digital subscriptions to newspapers from coast to coast, and over the years I’ve amassed a pretty impressive library, if I do say so myself. I didn’t need to spend 3 minutes to find an example of what I’m talking about.

    I am not calling for repealing the First Amendment, or even for banning speech I find offensive on private platforms. What I’m arguing against is paralysis. We can protect unpopular speech from government interference while also admitting that unchecked speech can expose us to real risks. And we can take steps to mitigate those risks.

    The Constitution prevents the government from using sticks, but it says nothing about carrots.

    Search: nytimes+when-is-speech-violence

    He’s talking about rewarding GoodThink© as opposed to punishing WrongThink©, but the effect, and the justification is the same. And make no mistake, he’s just sugarcoating a turd they will fling at us at their first opportunity.

    My conclusions are vetted against my own library of stored information. I’m not trying to convince anyone that I’ve got it all figured out on comment threads; I’m trying to instill enough interest to investigate for themselves.

    I’ll lighten up when I can wear a MAGA hat anywhere I want without having to be prepared to defend myself against physical attack. We’re a long damn way from that.

  18. why blacks have much higher marriage rates in the Caribbean and Africa. Are they playing white there?

    No, they’re practicing Catholicism there.

  19. Emery is busy setting fire to the palisade that would keep them out because in The New Order, he’s sure to be rewarded with the respect and appreciation he deserves but never gets.

    Right. And the dimwits that put the Commies in power are *always* the first to stand against the wall.

  20. An interesting thing, off topic a touch, is that the plunge in black marriage rates started around 1950, with the 2nd great migration, and not 1964, with the Great Society.

    That’s an interesting observation, bubba. I hadn’t run across that, but I’m going to look into it.

  21. if anyone has time I’ve found a great show on YouTube that covers stuff like this nightly, best part these 2 guys are old school liberals, one is even a hippie vegan with ha ih r down to his shoulders. Its caused TimcastIRL and they did a deep dive on how incredibly insane this all is. BLM and leftists are trying to destroy western civilization and they aren’t even really hiding it anymore and people, even some liberals, are waking up to this insanity. The only question is are we too late?

  22. Emery the irony is that if these crazies take over you will be first on their list to eliminate because you are no longer a useful idiot, you are a liability to their cause and will be purged in the name of diversity

  23. I hate to keep going back to the Spanish Civil War, but there’s a reminder of it nearly every day. Back when the Popular Front coalition of Communists, Anarchists and Soci@lists came to power, the first thing they did (after burning a few churches and seminaries, and shooting some priests) was to arrest…the Soci@lists.

  24. POD and Night Writer;

    Not only the liberals and socialists, but black people, as well.

    If we recall just a couple of months ago, Chinese hotels were refusing to allow African blacks to rent rooms, causing many of them to sleep on the streets. Funny! These Africans were being blamed for bringing a second wave of Wuhan flu into the country and we hear nothing about that from the lame stream media. Suddenly, the Chinese now claim to stand with the BLM movement.

  25. PoD, indeed, useful idiots are easily swayed, as evidenced here and elsewhere. And last thing a faction in power wants is to have somebody else take control of “their” useful idiots with a bigger shiny object. Hence the purge.

    And NW, indeed, when a coalition is required to upend the order, the minute one faction seizes power, it is time to exterminate the competition – with extreme prejudice. And as you pointed out, the history is replete with examples. Useful idiots, however, never learn. After all, they are idiots.

  26. He’s talking about rewarding GoodThink©

    swiftee, because (to paraphrase that paragon of comedy, Frankengroper) the elite

    Are Good Enough,
    Are Smart Enough,
    and Doggone it,
    Useful Idiots Listen to them!

  27. Ha! Indeed it is! Good to know. Mitch, a post got stuck in moderation and the follow up as well. But at least we now know the name not to be mentioned.

  28. I think that you are giving this thread’s Emery too much credit, Joe Doakes.
    I think that he is driven by hate of the other, not any reward that he hopes to receive.

  29. MP, I think he really thinks that he will be rewarded by leftists if he “helps” take down Trump. His mindset is similar to the #NeverTrumpers like Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldbeg. Only difference is that he never claimed to be conservative.

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  31. Imagine your neighbor lives in a really nice house. Whereas your house is not so nice. In fact, it’s a dump.

    The reasons for this are many.

    His parents nurtured self-discipline in their kids. They helped with homework, involved them in sports, cultivated their friendships and encouraged them to get into good schools, enter a promising career field, marry well and raise successful children themselves.

    Your parents raised their kids the same way they raised the dog. They provided meals and let ’em run.

    So now you want to be like your neighbor – but to do that you needed to start 30 years ago. On the other hand, you could, with a whole lot of work, develop self-discipline, acquire an education and build a career.

    But that would be really, really, really hard.

    So to achieve equality with your neighbor and live in the same kind of house – all you need is a match to burn his down.

    Or so say, The National Museum of African American History & Culture.

  32. Isn’t Trump president? It’s odd that he still has so many grievances. He was supposed to be the only one who could fix things. If Trump is still so upset about the way things are going, maybe he should vote for Biden.

  33. Voting for Biden is an idea. A better one is snatching up a dozen or two key leftist reprobates, and letting the CIA black bag boys have at them for a few days. When their minds are right, return them to DC and watch American rise like a phoenix.

    It’s a better idea, and has the added feature of being a highly entertaining Netflix series.

  34. Emery,
    You are such a disingenuous turd.

    Unless you are making more than $500k per year or just refuse to acknowledge it, you have benefited from Trump’s actions. If you really do own investment properties, then I know you have. Two of my most virulent Trump hating friends, even gave him credit for saving them thousands in income taxes. But, as I’ve said many times before, you should give back your tax savings and stimulus checks. After all, if you had integrity, you wouldn’t want money that Orange man put in your pocket now, would you?

  35. “You look at other countries; they don’t even do tests. They do tests if somebody walks into the hospital, they’re sick, they’re really sick, they test them then, or they’ll test them in a doctors office. But they don’t go around having massive areas of testing and we do. And I’m glad we do, but it really skews the numbers.” ~ Donald Trump (Fox News Sunday)

    It’s weird to see the pathological liar on TV saying this stuff, when you know it’s false.

    One wonders where people get their media.
    Working on the virus problem would take away from Trump’s TV watching time. He says this over and over, and it’s easily proven wrong based upon what’s happening in the southern states.

    If it was testing, hospitals wouldn’t now be overwhelmed, and number of deaths wouldn’t increase.

    Trump can’t distinguish “more testing leads to more cases” from “the percent testing positive is increasing.”

    He literally can’t admit there’s a problem and in this instance, the lies are so clear everyone can see it. That’s what’s reflected in the polls.

    This is from reuters:
    “Throughout the United States, every metric to measure the outbreak is going in the wrong direction — rising cases, deaths, hospitalizations and positivity rates of test results.”

  36. It’s weird to see the pathological liar on TV saying this stuff, when you know it’s false.

    Oh, you mean the Evening News?

    I thought so.

  37. In Wisconsin, the covid death toll stands at 844. The Wisconsin DHS breaks down the demographics of the covid dead in unhelpful ways. The disease does not discriminate by sex, race, or ethnicity, but the Wisconsin DHS details deaths by sex, race, and ethnicity. The disease does discriminate by age and health status, but the Wisconsin DHS does not break down the covid-19 deaths by age & underlying conditions. You can see the Wisconsin DHS numbers here:
    From other sources I have discovered that the average age of Wisconsin’s covid dead is 76, and almost all the dead have had underlying conditions — only 2 of the 844 were under age 40 with no known underlying conditions. About half of the deaths have occurred in long term care homes. Geographically they are concentrated in the urban SE of the state.
    In Polk county, in Wisconsin’s NW, there have been two deaths from covid-19, on in mid May and one in early July. Both deaths actually occurred in Minneapolis hospitals. Both victims had multiple underlying conditions. The first death was reported on May 19th. The DHS says he tested positive on April 19th, which adds a bit of mystery since the disease is supposed to run its course in two weeks. I think that this may be a case of a person dying with covid-19, and not from covid-19. The local “journalists” are useless, they simply rephrase the DHS press release.
    Polk County sees a large influx of tourists from the Twin Cities & elsewhere on the weekends. Mask wearing and social distancing is haphazard, at best. Bars and restaurants are open and doing brisk business. There has been no “surge” in covid activity here.

  38. Bosshoss429: Bought my first lakeshore property in 1985 — 260’ with 3.5 acres of beautiful west facing lakeshore with a cabin in need desperate need of repair.

    I own 3 properties of similar size that are paid for. The current price of perfect lakeshore (sand beach/5-20’ of elevation) is 20k per foot if you can find it.

    Luck is where opportunity meets preparation
    and why I no longer need to be in the stock market.

  39. Bosshoss429: Forgot to mention I paid 60k for that 260’ and the other 2 properties slightly higher.

  40. Back in the 80s, someone gave me a a lot with 300′ feet on Lake Vermillion. Can’t remember who gave it to me. The title is around here, somewheres. Also Toad gave me the title to Toad Hall. Traded him a stolen motor car for it. I’m pretty sure I can find that deed, it had big fancy lettering on it. Unless the weasels got to it.

  41. I remember when I bought my first lakeshore property. 310’ of shoreline on 5 acres.

    Made a bundle when I sold it to a musician, but the surrounding landowners were mad at me when the new owner built a mansion on the land and painted it purple.

    They caused trouble when I parlayed my profit into a multi-parcel buy across the lake….670’ of pristine shoreline in total, nbd.

    Although I still hold those properties, I’ve long since refocused my buys to venerable shore front parcels of distinction in Marblehead.

  42. Make that 670 pristine doors, not feet. Fat fingered that…definitely not a pathological tic.

  43. MP, I’m guessing you did well when you sold your shares of that little cattle ranch on the big island, but what happened with the parcel you were wrestling with Zuckerberg over on Maui?

  44. Oops. Forgot to mention that I traded a Mickey Mantle rookie card and poorly made replica of the original Batmobile for that first 310’ of shoreline.

    That was back when value was measured in feet, not doors.

    Luck is a carefully prepared plan, artfully executed. *mic drop*

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