7 thoughts on “If You’re A Twin Cities Leftist…

  1. Well, alright then. As long as they are encouraging licensed gun owners…Sheesh!

  2. then stories like this have to be incredibly confusing.

    Why would you suggest that?

    These are the same people who lock down churches, restaurants and bars – but admit no Covid danger during protests.

    These are the people who insist that only white people can be racists.

    Normal human beings follow logical progression to obtain a result. These fools follow ideology to a predetermined result. When you do that, there can be no confusing contradictions.

  3. “This is a call for a new day, for self-protection for Black people, by any means necessary,” said one speaker.

    Hmmmm. Does this mean the “Northside Riders 4 Justice” are offering their services to protect their Northside neighbors from their Northside neighbors, by any means necessary?


  4. It’s been 43 days since the Negro population of America was traumatized by the death of an accused counterfeiter, intoxicated on Fentanyl and methamphetamine, while being arrested by a diverse team of Minneapolis coppers, and we still have not seen the recordings from police body or dash cams.

    The people have a right to view the recordings. Justice demands it!

  5. Chop,
    Minnesota law doesn’t allow for the release of the body cam footage until after the trial.

  6. Smith, you can be assured the footage would have been released or leaked before anyone asked if it showed ANYTHING that would be inflammatory or complimentary to the narrativeTM.

  7. SmithStCrx, Minnesota law also doesn’t allow for the burning and looting of it’s major cities…but that presented few obstacles to Mayor MiniFry’s tacit approval and overt abeyance.

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