The Paper of Walter Duranty, the one that published the deeply ahistorical, revisionistic and nothing-but-inflammatory “1629 Project”, the one that published Paul Krugman’s innumerate claims that “blue” America bankrolls “red” America, which has been openly advocating “progressive” ideals in its editorial pages since I was in high school, which has been one of the primary PR agents for the left in America’s cultural cold civil war, the one that has not only been a “progressive” flak for generations but whose young, “woke” red guard faction has moved beyond shaping the informational battlefield to actively purity-testing the left-leaning editorial staff to drive it further to the cultural and political left…

has the victorian vapours about “cultural divisiveness” over Trump’s weekend speech at Mount Rushmore.

Watch for yourself.

The only thing that I could find that was remotely “divisive” was exhortation about three minutes in stating that Mount Rushmore would never be desecrated – which, I imagine, some post-modern academics find profoundly hostile.

Or maybe the bit around 5:10 here he said the rights of man will never be taken away. That has got to make Tim Walz nervous.

Perhaps the part around 6:10, where he points out that Americans aren’t “weak and submissive” in facing the war on American culture, but will in fact prevail. That’s a pretty clear and direct threat to…someone.

Too bad, so sad.

Berg’s Seventh Law is iron-clad and absolute.

7 thoughts on “Divisive!

  1. Yet, when Comrade Obama visited Mt. Rushmore, the media claimed it was “majestic” and “quite a site”. When Moochelle and their kids visited, this was the quote from a leftist newspaper: “First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, showed a hankering for history Wednesday during a brief visit to Mount Rushmore National Memorial.” When Bernie visited, he commented that “this is our country at its very best,” called it an “incredible achievement,” and said it “really does make one very proud to be an American.” Wow! He went off his own rails there. Finally, when the Wicked Bitch of the East campaigned in South Dakota and visited there, that wasn’t racist, either. Now, the Sioux are demanding the destruction of the monument. Well, OK then. Then we’ll destroy the Crazy Horse monument. Heck, it’s not finished anyway.

  2. Ah, yes, as put by Frank Fleming.

    There are two things the left hates:
    1. Patriotism
    2. Having their patriotism questioned

  3. Consistency and Ethics — so difficult to have a backbone if you got neither….

    At some point, is the Trump administration going to explain why Trump speaks in a slurred speech, has trouble reading and pronouncing pretty basic words and has difficulty drinking from a water glass?

    Actually, I jest. the WH will never explain anything. Instead, they and Trump and Trump’s campaign will demand that Joe Biden be labeled with dementia. Which is not surprising, given Trump’s long-standing strategy of projecting his perceived failings on everyone else.

  4. Nice deflection, Emery.
    Real racist Joe Biden has been having mental issues for at least 20 years, but that’s OK to you communists, eh Comrade?!

  5. ^^ I’m not a political scientist, but I’m pretty sure if anarchists were the Democrats base the nominee wouldn’t be Joe Biden.

    Small point: distrust of the woke left does not translate into support for Trump. In fact, Trump has done more to enable and empower the forces of left-illiberalism than anyone on the left. Conservatism needs to get rid of the one first in order to tackle the other.

    Let’s end on a positive note:
    The association of American undertakers and funeral home operators has announced that they support Trump for re- election.

  6. I caught one slurred word in his speech of 40 minutes. I’m close to 23 years younger than Trump, and I’d do well to do so well. He’s not a perfect speaker, but he sure does better than the previous guy, who is also a lot younger, and is far better than Mr. Kinnock. Well, that’s at least whose biography he used….

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