MiniHealth Has Never Been At War With MiniPol

Some Henco Commisioners want to declare racism a public health crisis:

Hennepin County Commissioners Angela Conley and Irene Fernando plan to introduce a resolution on Tuesday declaring racism a public health emergency in the county.

“We need to be explicit about racism,” Conley said. “We need to say that at the root of the disparities is systemic racism . . . and we need to do it now while this conversation is ripe.”

Nearly a dozen other counties across the country have passed similar resolutions, many doing so in recent weeks as governments and businesses aim to address racism within their own organizations in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis…The move to declare racism a public health crisis is symbolic, but would also direct the county to consider racial equity in all of its decision making.

When you mix politics and science, you don’t get scientific politics. You get politicized science.

It is a strong contender to be Berg’s 21st Law.

11 thoughts on “MiniHealth Has Never Been At War With MiniPol

  1. I am sure that the resolution will be met with unanomous approval.

    How could it not be?

    Actually, I am certain that people who are not even on the council will rush to vote their approval. Imagine if you will, a hapless commissioner in Baraboo Wisconsin who fails to voice his or her approval. Consider the thundering repercussions.

  2. Let’s see if I understand. “Systemic racism” is a public health crisis, therefore it’s a disease. Those who are diagnosed must be treated. How to do this? One way would be to mandate treatment. The government could build treatment centers for the purpose of stabilizing the afflicted. I think there are some models used in other societies that could be adapted for this purpose.

  3. What is this racial equality they speak of? The whole notion of BLM and not ALM smacks of racism, no? Or maybe we are dealing with a new definition of “racism”? After all, they redefined definition of marriage and gender, why not racism? Are we developing a brand new language? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. Black teens with stolen weapons is a genuine threat to public health. The time is ripe to have *that* conversation.

    Thank yew very much.

  5. Mark my words. The Gibs Me Dat movement will trigger the next big huwyte flight, and this time, there won’t be any thought to gentrifying slums at a later date. No one is going to put capital into property that cannot be protected.

  6. Hold on a sec.

    Stipulated: Hennepin County is far and away the most thoroughly leftist infected county in the MN…and…the leftist Commissioners have declared the behavior of their mentally ill ilk constitute a public health emergency.

    Why, they’re exactly right! ENDORSED!

  7. Declaring some political issue to be a public health crisis gives you the rhetorical ability, and sometimes the legal ability, to bypass democratic and constitutional barriers to tyranny.
    A few weeks ago the Honolulu paper printed an editorial, written by a local lawyer and a local public health official, suggesting that the Hawaiian state government could essentially divorce itself from the US constitution by declaring a semi-permanent covid-19 public health emergency.
    Hawaiians would like to be able to travel freely to the US mainland, while picking & choosing which Americans might travel to Hawaii.

  8. It’s about money for the smoldering trash heap that is Mpls. Conley and Fernando represent districts largely populated by Mpls folks. Mpls is about 1/3 of the population of Hennepin County. The folks outside Mpls in the county will be expected to cough up cash to rebuild the crap hole. The other 5 commissioners should just say no (they won’t).

  9. It might also be about cash for health bureaucracies at the many levels of government. Even if they can’t get local budgets for declared “health care emergencies” they can still get grants from higher, richer levels of government. Remember the CDC’s “gun violence epidemic”? Throw “epidemic” on the end of anything and now Big Government Health wants a piece of the action.

  10. This needs to be stopped now. The #BLM and the racial grievances are beginning to talk about blood, the blood that flows through their veins, and the blood spilled by whites over centuries.
    This will end violently. These blood phrases are the words used by nazis. They are only used by people who believe in race war.

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