On The One Hand…

I’m rooting for the guy in this video who, attacked by small mob of “Anti”-Fa sympathizers in Albuquerque, including one who tried to beat him over the head with a skateboard, came up shooting:

Another video shows the man certainly tried to retreat:

So let’s go over the elements of a self-defense case (as best I know them, not being a lawyer or especially familiar with New Mexico law):

There was an immediate threat of death or great bodily harm – He was hit on the head with a skateboard, and the thugs – or as NPR refers to them, “protesters” – were shouting “Kill Him”. I call that a reasonable threat.

Reasonable Effort to Retreat – Looks like the man made more than a reasonable effort.

Used only the force needed to end the threat – And how. That pack of bullies turned into a bunch of sheep faster than Tim Walz discovering a new regulation.

Can’t be the aggressor – Might be the problem. According to the NPR story:

As protesters surrounding the statue chanted “Tear it down!” and one of them swung a pickax at the statue’s base in an effort to bring it down, a confrontation erupted between the demonstrators and a group of armed men.

“We are receiving reports about vigilante groups possibly instigating this violence,” Police Chief Michael Geier was quoted in a department tweet as saying. “If this is true will be holding them accountable to the fullest extent of the law, including federal hate group designation and prosecution.”

The inevitable “white supremacist” allegations are flying around. Of course, even people with unfashionable, even reprehensible, views have the right to self-defense. Berg’s 18th Law is in effect here.

Still and all, maybe some of these morons will realize that the next woman six or seven of them gang up on might be able to do the same. And society might just get a little more polite.

I’ll be following developments in this case.

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  1. First, if that police chief was doing his job and not listening to his left wing mayor, this wouldn’t have happened. He should have been defending the statue as city property.

    Second, I was LMAO at these whiny little piss ants screaming for the cops. Priceless!

  2. Motorcycle clubs invented the plausible tool concept of weaponry.

    Motorcycle drive chains are unuversal. One crew is known for carrying hammers. Another favors Maglight flashlights.

    Antifa leans on bicycle locks and skateboards, both of which can be used as formidable weapon s.

    It’s clear the guy with the pistol was retreating, and that he was being pursued by a large mob. He pushed a slag down earlier, but she started the pushing.

  3. My guess…

    The result will be prosecution by process. In other words, you do something the left don’t like and even if you don’t go to jail, the legal process will gut you. You will lose your job, your savings, your car, your house and the stress will (often) cost you your family.

    So why risk that?

    What’s a statue?

    What’s a building?

    What’s an institution?

    What’s a country?

  4. And let’s not overlook the serious threat that beatings represent. Several Chinese and Indian soldiers just beat each other to death the other day on their border.

  5. Greg, he’ll likely be “Zimmermaned”. The attackers were just riding their skateboards down to 7-11 for some Skittles, after a school field trip to look at historical statues.

  6. With apologies to Mitch, I don’t want to put out a commercial here, but to Greg’s comment, this is why I joined the U S Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) a few years ago. With any level of membership, you get their 24/7/365 Critical Response Team access and legal assistance for these types of situations. It’s been a good value for me and like all insurance, it’s nice to have it if you need it and the way things are going here in Minneuzbekistan, we might need it sooner than later. They are based in West Bend, WI.

  7. With apologies to Mitch, I don’t want to put out a commercial here

    I’ll allow it.

  8. Self defense is one thing, but I wouldn’t kill a man over a statue.

  9. Is Emery actually blaming the riots & violence & looting on “the vast right wing conspiracy”? Lol.

  10. Is Woolly actually blaming the riots & violence & looting on “the vast right wing conspiracy”? 🤡

    Start with the terminology: “antifa” is not a noun, it is an adjective. In popular slang, “antifa” means someone or some individuals who view themselves as antifascist. It does not mean an organized group.

    In truth, there never has been an organization known as “antifa.” People who consider themselves antifascist don’t belong to some structured entity named “antifa.” There is no membership, no leadership, no web site, no email address.

    So, when Trump and his Trumpalos attack “antifa,” they are attacking a fictitious organization, ginned up by them to create a left-wing boogeyman and a scapegoat. That explains why, despite furious assertions, no “antifa conspiracy” has been revealed. Antifa, the organization doesn’t exist.

  11. Sorry, Emery, but as usual, your decidedly and unabashedly left wing biased sources for illustrating your rants, blow your credibility right out of the water. But hey. Keep up your TDS. It’s funny to watch a left wing troll twist itself in knots.

  12. Federal Arrests Show No Sign That Antifa Plotted Protests

    Arguably plausible, in the sense that “Anti”-Fa doesn’t have an office with a C-suite sending out orders via email.

    It’s a cell-based group. Sorta like Al Queda.

    They did manage to cover my neighborhood in *left-wing* graffiti. Not a swastika or “14 Words” reference to be found.


  13. Start with the terminology: “antifa” is not a noun, it is an adjective.

    Wrong, as usual. Sometimes it’s a noun, sometimes it’s a verb.

    In every case, “it” is descended from the German Communist party’s analogue to the Browshirts, from the ’20s and ’30s.

  14. ^^ Are you sure, I sent Antifa $12 to join, still haven’t got my ID card yet. Or maybe that was AARP .

    AAA, AARP, ANTIFA, they’re easy for us Seniors to confuse. They all eliminate uncertainty. Get you a good discount. And fight against regulatory capture.


  15. I have seen screen captures from a third video source that shows the moment of contact. Skater Boy has a knife in his left hand, and *possibly* another in his right, or taped to the skateboard.
    Though it is anyone’s guess how the DA and the city govt. will deal with the shooter, that guy was facing deadly force from the folks attacking him.

  16. In the M\C world, there is a thing called the “1%” and people called “1%ers”.

    What that means is none of y’all’s business, but it is a not an organized group; there is no 1%ers M\C, but there are 1%er clubs and members. Like “Antifa” 1% is an ideology with a real world physical component; an adverb and a noun.

    If you don’t believe that, try sewing on a diamond shaped patch with 1%er in the middle on your jacket, and go to the Donnie Smith bike show next year and see what happens.

    Unlike “antifa” there are no self-identified “1%er” cells. Antifa has a logo and a flag. There is in fact a loose hierarchy for command and control. There are named Antifa cells; Rose city Antifa in Portland, Boston Antifa; Bay Area Antifa et. al. They are also an international group with cells in Germany, Italy, France and England. This makes them eligible for Domestic Terrorist status in all respects…but of course Drumpf has already lost interest in doing so.

  17. “Like “Antifa” 1% is an ideology with a real world physical component; an adjective and a noun.”

  18. ^^ The butt-snorkeling is strong with this one.

    A) But the English Language is weak with you.

    B) I’m becoming more convinced you’re really Eric Austin. Just saying.

  19. ^^ The key to successfully promoting ANTIFA conspiracies is cultivating low expectations. Just saying…

  20. Watching that leftist slob fall like a sack of shit was nothing short of wonderful….it may not have cured my irrational fear of firearms, but it certainly made my day just a little better 🙂

  21. The key to successfully propagating ANTIFA narratives is cultivating low IQ supporters. It’s something they certainly excel at.

  22. I’m becoming more convinced you’re really Eric Austin

    Let’s find out!


  23. I actually prefer that people who take ANTIFA and OANN seriously wear a t-shirt or hat or some sort of brand or visible head injury to identify themselves so I can avoid them.

  24. Emery – in the comments to “I’m No Lawyer” posted on June 4, I raised that same analysis of the Chauvin case but was positively guaranteed by one John Kraephammer that Chauvin would be convicted of Second Degree Murder. I believe there’s money riding on it.

    Your 11:14 OT is about two weeks late.

  25. I believe there’s money riding on it.

    $50 buy in, but the betting is closed. We wouldn’t have accepted food stamps, comic books or Chinese knockoff timepieces as collateral anyway, so E. Dimwit Esq. shouldn’t feel like he missed out; he’d have been sitting on the sidelines in any case.

  26. JD: Yes, both you and golfddoc50 made a number of relevant comments relating to legal challenges and medical issues regarding this incident.

    That said — if I owned property in that area, I would wait until all verdicts are in prior to repairing any property.

  27. Can anyone tell me what evidence the NY Times used to determine that antifa was not taking part in the riots?
    However, interviews with several major police departments and a review of hundreds of newspaper articles about arrests around the country revealed no evidence of an organized political effort behind the looting and other violence.
    So, the authors did a Nexis/Lexis search & talked to a police department spokesmen in Leftist cities. Also, they spoke to some Leftist activists.
    I suspect Barr’s investigation will be somewhat more rigorous.
    The article was badly written — it makes assertions, and then cites evidence that either doesn’t support the assertion or flat out contradicts the assertion. And of course it lists three authors plus three other contributors. I hate it when they do that. Take ownership for what you write, or go work for the AP.

  28. It will be interesting to see what Barr comes up with. The tools he has to investigate antifa are different from those used by the cub reporters at the NY Times. Barr can track communications and money, and I doubt if Barr’s people give much weight to what local cops charge people with, since those are not federal crimes in and of themselves.
    The NY times article reads like a parody of what might appear in a small town newspaper following a KKK lynching a century ago.
    Some people got a little too rowdy, and someone died in the fracas, and, sure, there were a lot of klansman there in their Klan outfits, but this was just an expression of anger by the community over perceived injustice, the local cops and politicians can deal with it, no need to bring in the feds To be a NY times believer is to be constantly surprised by the odd turns of reality. Trump won the 2016 election, Mueller found no evidence of “Russian collusion,” Covid-19 deaths are decreasing world wide as lockdowns end, not increasing. Men who dress as women cannot become pregnant or get abortions, etc.

  29. Back in 1966 at the height of the Cold War there was a brilliant movie produced by Norman Jewison, starring Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint and Alan Arkin called The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming. It is a comedy about a Russian submarine that gets accidentally grounded off a small New England island and the subsequent chaos that ensues as rumors spread through the town about a Russian invasion and how the town has to defend itself. Perhaps it is time for a remake, this time featuring Antifa instead of Russians. Maybe, just maybe some humor will demonstrate the insanity of the situation.

  30. Maybe Antifa should hire Emery Incognito to “not defend” them.
    I mean, if anything a defense from Mister TriesToBeWrong makes you look guilty, and then there is a “stupid by association” element as well. 😉

  31. The NYT asked the cops “Did any of the arrestees have an Antifa membership card in their wallets? No? Then they must not be Antifa members. They must be individuals working on their own. Lone wolves, so to speak.”

    It’s the same analysis they used to determine there are no Muslim terrorist organizations in America, that every perp is simply one more member of Local 473 of the Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists.

  32. Hey, remember when Antifa marched while carrying tiki torches and chanting antisemitic slogans?

    Remember when Antifa plowed a car into a crowd and murdered a woman in Virginia a few years ago?

    Remember when Antifa shot up a Walmart in El Paso and murdered 22 people last year?

    Me neither, but I do remember when violent Nazi and White Supremacist worshipers did all of those things, and more.

  33. All leftist memes, all wrong, but the car in the crowd one is particularly annoying.

    The Nazis were the ones who worked with the City for six months to obtain an Assembly Permit to have a peaceful demonstration. The Antifi were the ones who illegally attacked the peaceful demonstrators as the cops stood by. The guy in the car was a bystander fleeing Antifa attackers who were trying to kill him, when he struck a woman by accident.

    Lying about history doesn’t change history. It just makes you a liar and therefore untrustworthy on every topic.

  34. JD, the email directive of the week is to promote the notion that Antifa doesn’t exist. Use any means.

    Lying and subsequent untrustworthiness are just the costs doing business, baby.

  35. Strange how folks are looking for Antifa but the arsonists arrested to date that have social media posts about their political leanings have all been far right, white supremists, Boogaloo Boys and anti-government anarchists. Not a member of Antifa in sight!

  36. Yeah Emory, “anti-government anarchists”, that includes “antifa” genius.

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