Must Be The “White Supremacist” They’ve Been Looking For

22 year old Dylan Robinson was arrested earlier this week in Breckenridge, Colorado, on suspicion of torching the Third Precinct.

Well, with a name like “Dylan”, he’s certainly not immigrant or black.

But what about “White Supremacist”? Is he one of the crowd that the Governor and both Mayors blamed for all the violence and destructrion, as well as all that leftist graffiti all over town?

Let’s check and see:

Nope. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, I’ll bet a shiny new quarter he’s either with, or likes to pretend he’s with, “Anti”-Fa.

I bet another shiny new quarter that the Henco Attorney’s case gets quietly gundecked, and Robinson ends up skating, since – another quarter here – he’ll be connected with some Democrat poobah or another.

Any takers?

18 thoughts on “Must Be The “White Supremacist” They’ve Been Looking For

  1. “Dylan Shakespeare Robinson”?
    my, my, weren’t his parents precious!

  2. I mean, what’s the use of burning down the police station, if you can’t capture yourself doing it on snapchat?

    But is he antifa or a white supremecist? It all hinges on his middle name “Shakespeare”.

  3. I bet another shiny new quarter that the Henco Attorney’s case gets quietly gundecked, and Robinson ends up skating,

    I dunno, looks like the ATF has him in their cross-hairs. That’s federal.

    Just a note, the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota was put in place by Pres. Trump…..and she’s kinda cute.

  4. Ruh roh. Our hero is being prosecuted by the feds.

    He probably sees himself being the political officer of the cell block, instructing the Negroes on the delicacies of class struggle.

    With a face like that, his first struggle session is more likely to go like this:

    Jelly or syrup, wyboy?

  5. Chopper,

    I hate myself for laughing at that. But I did anyway.


    Um, yeah…


    Yeah, I missed that the first time around.

  6. Greg;
    Yup! That’s how they caught that one dude from Galesburg, Illinois. He recorded himself and several others making Molotov cocktails and passing them to others. He looked like a pillar of his community, too. But again, here is a moron from out of state that came here to cause problems.

    I believe that I also heard a news report that this incident isn’t Robinson’s first brush with the law. And, you can bet that with a name like Dylan Shakespeare, either one or both of his parents is a liberal. He is also from Brainerd, so not from out of state, but definitely not from the city.

  7. Dylan Shakespeare Robinson. Huh. So, did he rage, rage against the dark night by lighting a police station on fire? He better hope that his Snapchat account doesn’t have any texts saying, “First, we kill all the lawyers.”

  8. Shakespeare is in for a rough life, but his parents will suffer the tortures of the damned, watching their precious son be used harshly in a federal lock-up.

    And that is as it should be.

  9. Alas, all these reprobates will be either not charged or released without any record, free to legally acquire firearms which, absent any training since they do not need any, they will use gangsta-style to spray bullets indiscriminately. Consequences, shmonsequencies of the appeasing left. Hmmm… I wonder, is there an instance in history where appeasement ever worked? EVER!

  10. Dylan had a conviction for a November 2015 Aitkin county arrest for no valid DL, no insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia and having some weed in his auto.

    A speeding conviction in Hennco on 2/22/2017. Then 5 days later he was busted for not wearing a seat belt in Crow Wing county.

    A year later in CW county busted again for blowing through a stop sign. In May 2018 another seat belt violation, in June caught speeding again.

    2019 brought 3 parking violations in anoka and Ramsey county. Also busted sgain for insurance and expired registration in 2019.


  11. Looks like there is evidence that there was a bit of child support disagreement between his mother, Jill Bjorklund and father, Robert Paul Robinson. By the way the father lives in Rochester. Isn’t that where the other guy arrested for arson was from?

  12. pass, sounds like based on his record, Shakespeare is eligible for sainthood!

  13. When Shakespeare gets to the fed pen, maybe he can hook up with the AB before the Negro or Mexican gangs get to him. He should get a nice clover tattoo on his neck before he gets there, show the fellas he’s solid.

  14. I disagree, jpa. He’s being charged in fed court. They don’t play.

  15. Shakespear’s prison Soliloquy

    But, soft! what Bud Light bottle through yonder window breaks?
    It is the Molotov, and Dylan is the one.
    Arise, fair Dylan, and kill the envious Fascist,
    Who is already sick and pale with laughter,
    That thou xer cellmate art far more weak than xe:
    Be not his bitch, since he is well endowed;
    Xer prison livery is but thin and hides not the slender buttock
    And none but cell block bitches do wear it; cast it off.
    Is my daddy, O, is he my protector?
    O, that he knew he were!

  16. Antifa tactics, Caucasian, got caught in Breckenridge….but like Emery says, there is absolutely no evidence that Antifa was involved. By the same logic, Emery has yet to figure out that the Viet Cong were in Vietnam.

  17. If there is an antifa connection, it should be easy to discover. Tightly-coupled networks reveal themselves through communications and money. Loosely coupled networks — which most of antifa’s defenders believe that it is — are easy to infiltrate.

  18. If there is any true connection to anything, it will be easy to find. For a few involved, there may be actual connection to something. But, most so far, appear to be just young and dumb. Anyone can label them AntiFa, Anarchists, White Supremacists, bad people- to me they are all distinctions without a difference.

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