Institutional Racism

A friend of the blog writes:

I don’t know who re-worded this Villager article, but it was a white woman who thought she was pretty clever on Twitter. I haven’t actually looked at the Villager article yet, but did have fun making the “clever” woman’s edits more real-

A man died while in police custody May 25. The four officers involved are now in custody awaiting trial and charged with 2nd degree murder. The death sparked protests to highlight that police brutality still exists. Others took the opportunity to loot and commit arson in two marginal neighborhoods of the Twin Cities. The neighborhoods, which have higher populations of people of color, have been the target of DFL endorsed politicians for years as DFL endorsed mayors and councilmembers pushed through light rail construction, zoning changes, house developments, soccer stadiums and bike lanes despite calls from residents that those were not the priorities for their neighborhood. 
“They’ve been wanting to get rid of our community for years, and this is the last straw,” says one black resident who only gave a first name of Tyrone.
Other local business owners of color are saying, “we survived the 2008 recession, the never ending construction, the zoning changes since we weren’t immediately remodeling, but this is the absolute end. We’re packed and already moving.”

Hope springs eternal that black, Latino and Asian voters will figure it out: the riots the DFL wanted, condoned, celebrated and in many cases DFLers (or their idiot children), participated in, in the city whose entire economy has been jiggered against them by progressive plutocrats with deep pockets, just might not deserve their continued loyalty…

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  1. Is there really such a thing as Institutional Racism?


    Is there really such a thing as Systemic Racism?


    Alright then, give me just one example.

    Education Minnesota.


  2. my guess: BIPOC= Black Indigenous People Of Color
    another important acronym from INGSOC and The Ministry Of Truth

  3. “ Black Indigenous People Of Color”

    All non-wipipul are equal, but some are more equal? Or just the ones that “put in the work”?

  4. Greg’s question, and the CHAZ experiment, remind me of sophomore year bull sessions. What would society be like if there was no government, if we completely started over fresh? What if we threw out all the old, stupid rules and came up with new, sensible rules? What would the new rules be?

    It’s also the basis for many Science Fiction books. Pretend Americans can live on the moon – are they a state, like Hawaii, only farther away? A territory or possession, like Guam or Puerto Rico? The federal government has no criminal code covering burglary and grand theft auto and plural marriage – those are state laws. So which state laws apply?

    And political science classes, endlessly debating the nature of humans in the absence of government: Locke versus Hobbes versus Rousseau, and what about Kropotkin and Marx? But then you have to incorporate experience into the theory – Zimbabwe and Venezuela and Nazi Germany and Rwanda – which can’t all be excused on the grounds that “this time, it will be different,” can they?

    Bewildering. Impossible. Nobody could wade through the conflicting notions to come up with a sensible, orderly society in which all can prosper if they’re willing to try. And yet – a bunch of old white guys did it, more than 200 years ago.

    America is not perfect. But weighing experience against theory to balance freedom against security, our system is about as good as you’re going to get which is why so many nations copied it, to one degree or another.

    If we allow the dreamers to destroy “good enough” in pursuit of “perfect,” where do the rest of us flee when the shooting begins?

  5. This all seems very complicated to me. I’m not sure what to think unless or until one of the SItD trolls has explained.

  6. I gotta great idea.
    Simply rededicate all the statues of columbus & confederate generals are now statues of Malcolm X. Problem solved.
    If you knock one down, you will be torn to pieces by the mob & your pitiful remains will be charged with a hate crime.

  7. Remember that STOS episodewhere there were two Aliens with half-black, half-white faces & they hated each other?
    I know it was was supposed to teach us that color didn’t matter, but I think that the alien with the white left half of his face was clearly superior to the alien with white right half of his face.

  8. Piglosi has decried the statues in the Capitol and Senate halls, but conveniently forgets that it was the Democrats that put them there. The north allowed them to be placed in their respective buildings in the spirit of reconciliation. Further, her crooked father, helped dedicate the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It’s funny that no one wants to remove her dad’s statue from a Baltimore park or the statue of an Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, Robert Byrd or racist Woody Wilson who once declared segregation a benefit?

  9. Do you have White Privilege?
    Yes. I am White in a White society, so I have White Privilege.

    As a recipient of White Privilege, do you deserve to have your job, your home?
    No. I didn’t earn them; they were gifted to me because of my White Privilege.

    Are you going to give up your job, your home, so a more morally deserving Person of Color can have them?
    Well – no.

    Then what’s the point?

  10. Perhaps I don’t see the sarcasm and comic angle, but I think admitting to White Privilege is a wrong approach even if it is used to set up the argument, “molon labe”. There are simply too many tells in the White Privilege scam to allow it *any* validity.

  11. Regarding Joe’s comment about the science fiction and sophomoric “let’s start fresh” instantly brought this to mind; it would be horrifically dangerous, but the women would be gorgeous and in skintight outfits. This might explain some of the thinking on the part of the white rioters.

    Seriously, if I were black and living in some of the affected neighborhoods, I would be asking “if these guys who helped loot our local grocery store and burn down the car parts store are our friends, what will our enemies do to us?” I’m all for police accountability and reining in brutality, but…maybe this isn’t the way to go about it?

  12. Every long distance race I lost to a Kenyan runner was because of black privilege.

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