4 thoughts on “As Ordered

  1. Walz is desperately hoping for a nut with a gun to cause an incident, so he can ratchet up to Full Martial Law and not have to deal with questions like these.

    It will only be temporary, until the recounts are over.

  2. Commenter Joe Doakes from Como Park commenting on the Alphanews article wouldn’t be the same as the one above, would he? Good comment by the way.

    The code review of the Ferguson’s Imperial College modeling software showed the code to be appallingly bad (re-using this description of our trolls). It is also secret. Like the global warming code from a few years ago that was “involuntarily released” from the Hadley CRU of the U of East Anglia (UK). Under the “fool me once…” parole, I suggest that no code from an academic environment be believed unless it is freely and publicly available. The code should also be reviewed, independently, and be able to justify its utility by modeling related and known occurrences from the past (for example, in this regard, the Hong Kong flu of 1968).

  3. Of course. I offer Our Host to help figure out Aksimet and my first post is moderated.

  4. GIGO done intentionally. The Gov daily updates on TV bore the crap out of me. 5 minutes or less of any real update and the better part of a hour more listening to them tell us how smart they are while patting each other on the back.

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