The Real Victim Of This Whole Crisis

New York City – all five boroughs – have been the hardest hit part of the US, and in some ways possibly the free world, by Covid.

The most densely packed city in the country and among the densest in the world, dependent on mass transit, jammed into tightly packed offices and restaurants and bodegas and bars and stacked atop each other at levels of density that send a tingle up the Met Council’s leg, the city would seem to be clear if anecodotal evidence that this plague’s greatest friend is density.

But in a city with 40% of the nation’s Covid deaths, Yahoo News – which is in constant combat with “Buzzfeed” for “most effortlessly left-biased “news” source” – has found the biggest victim of all:

Today, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress — known simply as AOC — owns another distinction, this one far grimmer: She represents the nation’s most devastated hot zone of the coronavirus outbreak.

New York’s 14th Congressional District, which includes the working-class immigrant clusters of the Bronx and Queens, has had 19,200 coronavirus cases as of April 30, more than all of Manhattan, despite having almost 1 million fewer people. Residents of the neighborhoods of Corona and North Corona in her district — the names are an eerie coincidence — have had more coronavirus cases than any ZIP code in the country.

Ocasio-Cortez, 30, knows many who have died, as well as others who were sickened with the virus, or left hungry or jobless. She sends notes and makes calls to as many surviving family members as she can, serving as a kind of legislative first responder. But it can be hard to keep up.

No – it goes downhill from there. I’d pullquote more, but then I’d have that “vomit” taste in my mouth all day at work.

It’s good to know the media’s got its priorities straight.

9 thoughts on “The Real Victim Of This Whole Crisis

  1. I think the best response is for Drumpf to allocate some DrumpfBux(tm) to building hospitals in Texas so ICE can care for the poor, sick illegals while preparing their deportation documents.

    That way, they get better and the density of flu carriers is reduced, and they leave beds open for US citizens to receive their chemo treatments. It’s a win-win, tbh.

  2. Pure playground populism. Hard to believe AOC was actually considered a credible presidential candidate at one point. America really dodged one there.

  3. D_K she never was and cant because of the constitution you fucking moron.

  4. Huh. Could the high death rate in her district be because the people voting for a person with the intellect of a rock share the same mental abilities? That maybe a gal who actually chooses to live in a “project” (which is what Parkchester is) might have the same kind of deficiencies as Jane Byrne, who infamously moved her entourage into Cabrini Green when she was mayor of Chicago (of course including her bodyguards).

    I’m not kidding; I looked at it on street view, and it’s just plain dismal, and AOC chose to live there. It boggles the mind.

  5. Don’t forget the days when Cuomo told us the rest of the US’s experience with covid-19 was going to look like New York’s.
    And any deaths in NY were the responsibility of Trump for not getting him VENTILATORS!

  6. Because you cannot get the info that you need to know to evaluate the effectiveness of lock down strategies from the MSM, I am going to shamelessly plug Toby Young’s “Lockdown Sceptics” website:
    Among other things, you will learn that, of the 25,000 TSA employees who pat down people at airports, only 500 or so contracted the disease, and of those, only five died.
    Meaning that if you had a job where you were in close contact with hundreds of strangers from all over the US and the world, and in near close contact with thousands of strangers, your chance of getting the virus was 1/100, and your chance getting a fatal infection was 1/10,000

  7. A friend of mine reminded me of something pretty interesting last night. Woodstock was held during the Hong Kong flu pandemic. It killed over 100,000 people in the U.S., most over the age of 65.
    We also mused that if all of the world’s governments can’t stop a virus, how do they can stop gloBULL warming by collecting more taxes?

  8. POD, you’re right. My apologies to the rocks.

    That noted, it would be very interesting to see if we could parse out the risk factors for infection, and I’d have to guess that high on the list would be “sharing an elevator and a hallway with hundreds of other fellow tenants.” Then you’ve got public transit, large nursing homes, large ships (cruise ships or naval vessels), daycares, and the like.

    I don’t believe that the left would let us work against our infection centers, but we can hope….

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