Life In A Time Of Mayor Norton

This tweet came out from the Olmsted County sheriff’s office yesterday:

While Olmsted County is not controlled by the city of Rochester, the city is obviously the center of political gravity. And Kim Norton, as passive-aggressive an anti-gun zealot as ever blurted out a made-up statistic, most certainly either had something to do with this, or the DFL culture of the county that spawned her, spawned this culture of passive-aggressive petty tyranny as well.

Remember this at election time.

2 thoughts on “Life In A Time Of Mayor Norton

  1. I hope that one of the things that happen in the Dempanic fallout is a wholesale doxxing of people who have been rats for totalitarian governors and their willing accomplices in some LEO offices.

    I’d bet my next paycheck that 90% of the rats are leftists. They need to be identified and properly shunned.

  2. Pinochet, I concur on the leftist point. I have started to talk to more people at work about all this, and it is clear some of them are getting their info from CNN.

    And the “rat on your neighbor” database is public info, so we will be able to find out who they are.

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