We’re All In This Together, In One Minnesota

If you think fighting disaster with economic devastation is a bad strategery, this is what Channel 11’s weather talking head thinks of you:

And Sven? When you go on to talk about the “sacrifices we are making”, don’t tell it to social media. Go to the small businesses who are arbitrarily shuttered and tell the owners whose lives’ work is being destroyed while competing business are chugging right along, exactly how “in it together” you are with them.

I”ll wait.

28 thoughts on “We’re All In This Together, In One Minnesota

  1. Well, hell, Mitch, when these moronic respondents to these weighted polls are collecting about $3,000 per month in unemployment benefits for another six weeks, why wouldn’t you support the fascist governor’s unconstitutional shut down? Funny though, none of these Trump haters have given back their stimulus and/or unemployment checks. After all, god forbid that they would take anything from the man that their media masters told them to hate.

  2. Forgot to add that apparently, Rabbi Latz has not seen what his betters are doing to his people in New York city. Of course, I have no sympathy for those mourners, because at least 95% of them probably voted Warren Wilhelm de Blasio into office. They are reaping what they have sewn.

  3. Good ol’ Mr Nice Guy Sven calling people protesting their unemployment “white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetish miscreants”. This is a good example of exactly why the notion that that leftists and liberals are different is false.

    Liberals just keep the very same leftist tendencies under wraps until they don’t.

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  5. Mayor Bill de Blasio
    Apr 23
    To the Muslim New Yorkers beginning their celebrations tonight who need halal meals, we have them across our 400+ grab and go meal sites, and are bringing hundreds of thousands more to the 32 sites most frequented by our Muslim communities.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio
    Apr 28
    My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.


  6. “Morning Consult was founded in 2013 by CEO Michael Ramlet. It officially launched with a poll looking at whether young and uninsured Americans were going to sign up for the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges, published just before the exchanges went live in 2013. The White House used that polling in its briefing later that day.”

    “In February 2016, Morning Consult partnered with Vox to conduct polling on topical stories in politics and culture.”

    Legit af

  7. MP – I vote better place without Twitter. Sometimes I think an EMP may not be horrible.

  8. The consensus on the Right is the justification for the shutdown – if it ever existed – has passed.

    Since the Legislature won’t lift the order; and the courts won’t lift the order; then our choices are to obey the unjust order; ignore it and take our chances of prosecution; or some form of protest to convince the elite to rescind the order.

    Non-violent protests are treated with contempt, as seen above. Which leaves . . . have the elites honestly thought this all the way through? Is that really where they want to end up?

    Possibly so. If one nut shoots one cop, it will give them cause to impose martial law, institute door-to-door sweeps to seize guns, establish shoot-on-sight curfews, and the elites will cheer every bit of it.

    I used to think America was the world’s lifeboat. When things got too bad in your third world shithole, you could always come here. When things get too bad in Minnesota, where do we go?

  9. MP, the internet was destined to be a double edged sword from the minute AOL brought it to the mainstream. Smart people, some with benign, some with malevolent intentions saw the opportunities right away. Increasingly, computer technology is looking like the comet that destroys humanity…or at least humanity as we recognize it.

    This lockdown would not have been possible without the internet. People in Terra Haute are not going to burn down their careers and businesses because the newspaper said New York City has a nasty disease. Indeed, this disease couldn’t have been branded an existential threat at all without the internet.

    Now that “they” have seen how effectively the world has been corralled into seclusion, does anyone believe this will not become an increasingly common occurrence?

  10. Swiftee, you know that I am much more of an optimist than you are.
    Hope for best, prepare for the worst.
    My portfolio is down 6.7% since January first, not bad at all, all things considered.

  11. Unemployment claims hit 30 million on Monday; that is 6 weeks after the first lock-downs occurred.

    That is equivalent to the entire working populations of 25 small to mid sized states combined.

    Many of those jobs are not coming back, and most of the unemployed are not going to learn to code in the meantime. Many leftist states, like Minnesota, have extended Martial Law another 30 days. Job losses are not linear. When a large employer lays off their workforce (like Boeing just did), it ripples through hundreds of smaller companies that serve it. Those smaller companies won’t be buying raw materials from their suppliers.

    It’s time for Drumpf to step up to the plate and take control of this situation. It’s probably already too late to stave off an economic disaster that might well shade the great depression of the 1930’s, but if we don’t move now, there may not be much left to re-build on.

    But hey, on the bright side we haven’t had to endure any tear squirting media coverage of bathroom lawsuits lately.

  12. I think Berg’s Mod Bot has bat flu delirium. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for what it’s doing.

  13. Would the world be a better or worse place without twitter?


    Twitter brings out the worst in some people. But it also allows them to show other folks just how twisted they are.

    For example, I wouldn’t know what a reprehensible, vile human Sven is without Twitter. Previously, I had an unknown reason to have a vague distaste for him, which has now been confirmed and validated. That’s useful, and it will further help my choice of television station to watch.

  14. nerdburt,
    I thought of that myself, but since I usually watch Channel 9, it wasn’t a choice that I had to make.
    That said, I did send an email, with that Tweet, to the stations news director and questioned Sven’s tactic. Also mentioned that my next emails would be to their sponsors. So far, crickets.

  15. He’s a weatherman, the sort of guy who will say, “We’re tracking a storm out of the Rockies. The computer models predict it could dump up to 9 feet of snow on us, paralyzing the Twin Cities and leaving millions without heat or electricity, depending on which track the storm takes. Stay tuned to Snow-pocalypse for up-to-the-minute information.”

    So everybody panics and then we get the usual 2-4 inches.

    This guy, this is the guy we should be listening to, now that we’re six weeks into The Virus That Ate New York City which has quietly turned into A Few Dozen Old People Died. This is the guy we should be taking our advice from.

  16. Amazing that Sven broke the code and figured out that only “White Nationalist sympathizers” would protest a lock down. In my next life I want to come back as a meteorologist-you can be right only 30-50% of the time and still get paid…

  17. As a scientist—I think a BA in Biology and an MD qualify me, I’m saddened and outraged at how the word “science “ has been bastardized. Science is a method of studying the physical world. It is not a codified set of beliefs. Turning it into a political bludgeon is wrong. Guys like Sundgaard, Bill Nye, to name a couple, are useful idiots in the service of totalitarianism. They make me sick.

  18. Every month my local community center does a feed the hungry program. They give them a high quality dinner in a cafeteria setting.
    This month the Department of Ag took it over. They had people in cars backed up to the highway, a mile away. For May, the Department of Ag has requested help from the state national guard, to help with crowd control.
    End the lockdown now, before it is too late.

  19. As a scientist—I think a BA in Biology and an MD qualify me, I’m saddened and outraged at how the word “science “ has been bastardized.

    So why not speak out doc? You’re retired, the degenerates have nothing over you, but your CV still means something.

  20. Looks like Sven was terminated by KARE 11 for “ethics violations”.


    Even though he was following the narrative, Tegna probably had to take action. Wonder how many other people contacted the station?

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like anyone to lose their job, in fact my position was eliminated in January, but it’s nice to see that left wing media members are getting the same treatment as conservatives. Just learned that Fox, which is gradually turning more left daily, parted ways with Diamond and Silk for something they said.

  21. As a gay man, shouldn’t Sven understand the hazards of derogatory stereotypes?

    Oh, it’s much better than that.

    Sundgaard’s actual facebook post was a quote of something Rabbi Michael Latz – nephew of Ron Latz – said about the protesters. As befits a KARE Bear, it wasn’t even original.

    Not only should Mr. Sundgaard have understood the hazards of stereotyping, the person he quoted – the fairly vile anti-gun rabbi Latz – should know the value of devaluing Naziism like that.

    Urban Progressive Privilege meets the real world again.

  22. People are dumb. People who talk about politics on twitter & facebook when that is not their job are especially dumb. I rarely post to Facebook under my real name. I would challenge anyone to review my FB posts & comments & determine my politics. My non-anonymous social media posts are mostly “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” kinds of things, like “You would think that you could run faster if you duct-taped a wildcat to each of your feet, but you really can’t.”

  23. MP, that’s what an “expert” is to the left. Someone with a degree in one subject who opines on another subject.

  24. Someone with a degree in one subject who opines on another subject.
    See Chomsky, Noam.

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