Praetorian Guards Gonna Guard Praetorially

Twin Cities media are giving wall-to-wall coverage to a poll showing thunderous agreement with the DFL administration shutting down most commerce in the state, indefinitely, at the whim of any “science” they officially sanction.

But – does anhone see any problems with this poll?

It’s from Public Policy Polling, And it was paid for by…

…Wait for it…

… Our old friends at the Alliance for a Better Minnesota!

So of course it oversamples Democrats and women.

And of course the Twin Cities media runs it like it’s evidence of a mandate.

17 thoughts on “Praetorian Guards Gonna Guard Praetorially

  1. I’ll say this again, the people that instituted and are advocating for continuing the lock down are still getting paid. Wally and Keith “wife beater” Ellison, both make $174,000 per year, (plus kick backs). Peggy makes $31,141, which is far too much for a sidekick that does nothing. Steve Simon about $90,000. The state legislators make an average of $45,000 plus $86.00 daily per diem for senators and $66 for representatives. Why aren’t they sacrificing like their constituents? They are cruel racists, that’s why!

  2. I don’t disagree with your conclusions, Mitch, but I’ll take the liberty of adding a quote from Jim Geraghty:

    I think a lot of Americans on both sides of the aisle — and particularly a chunk of the apolitical — believe that there always has to be some “good” solution to a problem, and that someone who is sufficiently smart or wise would find one.

    I think a lot of people are psychologically unprepared for a situation where there are no good solutions, only varying degrees of bad — a no-win situation.

    My point revolves around that reference to the apolitical, or perhaps better, unpolitical. There are, of course, lots of people who are truly apolitical (they don’t vote), but lots of people will declare themselves to be of one party or another without actually being in the party. They’re merely sympathetic to or they’ve traditionally voted one way or another. These all are of the apolitical and I think the party affiliation is irrelevant in this context.

    I think the oversampling of women together with “white” and “46-65” is much more significant.

  3. The poll accurately reflects Karen’s opinion. And she would like to speak to the manager.

  4. Careful Joe – apparently Karen is now the equivalent of the N word. It’s misogynistic and sexist, and is patriarchal. Which is interesting, since I’ve mostly heard women use the term.

  5. The big question isn’t whether stay at home orders are suspended this week or in a month. It’s whether businesses can make it when people make different choices about what’s essential. And what are the people going to do when the companies can’t pay them?

  6. People don’t know what they don’t know, and the leftist institutions are working day and night to make sure they only know what the reprobates want them to know.

    Here’s a couple of doctors that are calling bullshit, bullshit. The TV interview was promptly removed from you tube. (still can’t post links so duck duck go: “turnto23+interview+with+dr+dan+erickson”)

    We are approaching CYA time, lads. The authorities in control have completely destroyed the world economy. The rest of this year is going to be very, very bad. It will continue to be bad for years to come, and yes, their actions have killed people who were refused medical treatment to keep the hospitals empty. They are desperate to keep the population from noticing who did that.

    What happens when people find out they’ve lost everything they worked for because power hungry autocrats wanted to flex their muscles to see how far they could go? What happens when they find out leftist reprobates used the bailout money to pay pensions for public union slags? What happens when people find out dad was denied surgery on the twisted bowel that killed him while the hospital was so empty they were furloughing surgeons? What happens wen people find out it was all bullshit? ‘Cause they’re gonna find out.

    I hope Bob Collin’s has stocked up his ammo supply; he may very well get his shot at storming District 9.

  7. BTW, that censored interview had 5 million views before they removed it. Elon Musk tweeted “Good points”.

    We will here from those doctors again, and soon.

  8. The briefings by our governor are growing more incoherent. He is living in a fantasyland. He seems to still be living on March 18th, when the “public health experts” were predicting as many as 50,000 dead by May 1st.
    So far we have had 16 deaths and 69 hospitalizations, virtually all of them either already in long term care or with dire underlying conditions.
    So when trying to justify the justify the shutdown, the governor hems and haws.

  9. “It’s whether businesses can make it when people make different choices about what’s essential.” Valid only where “people” means “dictator.”

    If ordinary people were making the decisions, all those businesses would be open and serving customers. Having one guy decide what is “essential” is EXACTLY what happens in every planned economy. How many different kinds of deodorant do we need? Or restaurants? Or churches?

  10. Still 15%;
    Many have already found out.
    My best friend since 8th grade, lives in FL. He was having some electrical issues that affected his heart and caused him to flatline, twice. His cardiologist, who happens to be the top one in the state, put him on a drug that stabilized him, but can only be used for a maximum of 30 days before it causes additional problems. He was scheduled to have surgery to get a pacemaker on March 5, but his surgery was deemed elective by the hospital administration. Apparently, his family, which includes all three of his sons who happen to be attorneys and his cardiologists raised holy hell. The hospital relented, but he didn’t get his surgery until April 7. Coincidentally, his oldest son works for one of the biggest law firms in Florida. That firm has handled some pretty big medical malpractice and wrongful death suits. I’m wondering if that woke the hospital up? There have been some reporters asking questions, but he’s not sure they will lead to anything. Thankfully, my friend is doing well.

  11. Fauci says a second wave is “inevitable.”
    Oh, bullshit. Sooner or later we’ll run out of 90-year-olds with congestive heart failure.
    In Hawaii, how would we tell? We’ll see covid deaths jump from 0 to another 16 in six weeks.
    These people know nothing.

  12. Well, see, that just goes to show how little YOU know, MP. There definitely will be more COVID-19 deaths, and a second wave, and 74,000 dead Minnesotans. All it takes is a little more time and a bit of jiggery-pokery with the death certificates. Should last until the end of Donald Trump’s term, then everything will be hunky-dory.

    Hey, when they said “late March,” that was just a directional trend, you know, not a specific time or number. Gotta learn the jargon to be an expert. That’s why they get the big bucks.

  13. Our governor issued his first stay at home order on March 23rd, set to expire on April 30. The actual hospitalizations and deaths are far, far lower than anyone guessed. So on April 27, he extends the order for another month.
    This is beyond stupid, it is madness.

  14. You might find this post of interest in this regard Remember the Hong Kong flu?

    In 1968–69, the Hong Kong flu ravaged the world; it wound up killing more than one million people worldwide, over 100,000 of them in the United States. No lockdowns were imposed and people still went to work, albeit lessening bus travel and implementing social distancing and more washing of their hands.

    Of course, back then, world was being run by people who had experienced the Great Depression, WWII, etc, etc.

  15. My guess is that as the lockdowns are lifted, you will see occasional, localized outbreaks that will be quelled quickly as people take appropriate actions WITHOUT the government compelling them to.
    Trust the people. If you don’t trust the people, find some other country to live in because, brother, you ain’t cut out for the USA.

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