I Heard It On The NARN

Here’s the link to the Free Minnesota Coalition. The Government Oppression Hotline is (844) RIGHTS-0 (which is 1-844-744-4870, if you prefer. They want to file a case next week, so get on board fast if you’ve got a case – or would like to donate money or (if you’re a lawyer) time.

Here are the twitter links to the two CDC studies on Covid transmission:

This one was from last week – a CDC article about a study in Hong Kong.

This one came out this morning – in re an outbreak in a call center in South Korea.

Finally – “How Cowardice and Class Privilege Shift Shift Support for Coronavirus Lockdowns”.

3 thoughts on “I Heard It On The NARN

  1. You need to consider the unseen evidence.
    How many people were in a configuration where they were sprayed with aerosol droplets containing the virus and did not get sick?
    We don’t know.
    We know that in Washington State, before the lockdown order was issued, a church choir met for practice in an enclosed space, and a frightening number of the choir members caught the disease and died.
    But we don’t know how many choirs met, had one or more infected members, and the virus did not spread to the healthy choir members.

  2. In LA, they are having a heat wave.
    Garcetti is urging people to stay away from the cool, sunshine, and fresh air of LA’s many beaches.
    Instead he wants you to stay in a closed room with the AC on.
    What if you don’t have AC? Then Garcetti says he wants to pack you into a city-provided “mass cooling center.”
    At this point, just having leadership that wasn’t bat-shit crazy would go a long way to ending the covid-19 pandemic.

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