The New Stasi, Part II

Bloomberg News – the news organization owned by the guy who wants you to have the same right to self-defense that the Chinese have – apparently fired a reporter who wrote a piece critical of the Chicoms, and went out of the way to shut up his wife:

Six years ago, Bloomberg News killed an investigation into the wealth of Communist Party elites in China, fearful of repercussions by the Chinese government.The company successfully silenced the reporters involved. And it sought to keep the spouse of one of the reporters quiet, too.

“They assumed that because I was the wife of their employee, I was the wife,” the author and journalist Leta Hong Fincher tells NPR. “I was just an appendage of their employee. I was not a human being.”

Read the whole thing. 

The report comes from NPR.   One would hope that that was due to actual journalists reporting an actual story.  

I said “hope”. 

11 thoughts on “The New Stasi, Part II

  1. Democracy does in darkness

    All the news that’s fit to print

    The 2 top lefty papers motto fit perfectly here. Also a lot of lefty networks and papers are Beholden to the ChiComs (watch the left try to turn that into a racist phrase). Check out the Epoch Times for real news on them and the CCP virus.

  2. If you think that Russia is more of a danger to US democracy than China you are insane.

  3. Trump haters cannot discuss “Russian interference in American democracy” without mentioning Trump.
    But I can talk about Chinese interference in American democracy all day long without mentioning any dem politicians.
    The Chinese are bankrolling many think tanks and academic departments and projects in the US. There are tens of thousands of Chinese national students enrolled in our colleges and universities. For the most part they are the children of CCP elites. The Chinese know how to leverage the power that they have and are not shy about using it.
    I do technical work with optics and lasers. Our organization was told that, as part of a deal with our parent institution, we had to hire a Chinese national as one of our optical scientists. This was a big deal, we had to enact certain security protocols when he was hired. There were certain software packages he was not allowed to use or even to see being used.
    He was a nice guy, smart and personable. But I did not imagine for second that he was not being pumped for info by Chinese security. Everyone else seemed to realize this, too.

  4. MO, the dirty little secret is that most leftists (NOT liberals) feel more comfortable under a dictatorship than a Democratic Republic. You can probably even get them to admit as such

  5. sorry for the typos, using my phone to post, not my work computer since I am working from home

  6. If we look at the networks that are owned by NBCUniversal (Studios) and Disney, who both want to put theme parks in China, we see why their networks are carrying the propaganda of the Chicoms. Follow the money.

  7. Forgot to add that I loved the part about Bloomberg allegedly cutting ties with the organization, but former executives say that he was in “regular contact” with execs there. Falls in line with him telling his organization that, as he announced his failed (thankfully) run for POTUS, they could only write negative stories about other candidates – not him. Bloomberg is too much of a narcissist and autocrat to give up control of anything. Had he been elected, he would have actually been what all of the lefties claim that Trump is.

  8. I had a boss that once got to visit the house of an ultra-rich businessman in China. General impression I got from how he described it is that if you think Trump’s penthouse in NYC is over the top, you hadn’t seen nothing yet. So I can imagine that someone with an addiction to bling just might see that kind of thing as admirable.

    Paging Charles Dickens…..and Victor Hugo too, I guess. Bloomberg is kinda signaling, IMO, that he doesn’t mind other people in misery as long as he gets his. Seriously sick individual, IMO. No, Mikey, Scrooge starts out as the villian.

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  10. The truth is that the way corporations are set up, all else being equal, profits need to increase each quarter, or the board starts looking for a new CEO.
    The US is a mature economy, especially when it comes to entertainment. As the old eyeballs die off they aren’t being replaced. The media companies seem to have staked all their future growth on the Chinese market. They will not relinquish it easily. They will bow and scrape to the CCP mandarins for access.

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