Blue Fragility, Part II

It’s a steroetype of “blue” America – at least, the “elite” version of it that gets (and makes) the headlines – that liberty, at least the kind that involves something other than waving one’s genitals about and dunking crucifixes in urine – terrifies them.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. Blue Amerca’s official vision is that liberty is a scary thing. Of course, this vision is broadcast by an “elite” that thinks they stand to benefit from living in a society where an elite – including them, natch – makes the trains run on time.

Which is why as calls from the hinterland to open up the economy get louder, you can expect to see a lot more of this sort of thing, equating those calls with scary backwoods guys with un-oiled bears and lots of guns.

Bonus steroetype: why did the New York Times put scare quotes around “liberty” in the headline?

27 thoughts on “Blue Fragility, Part II

  1. From the same page, a link to another story: “far right us politicians” call lock down orders unconstitutional”

    Never do see “far left” in the lamestream media, but then, if the left didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

  2. And of course, the “elites only in their own minds” will not see any restrictions on THEIR liberty. They have to be free to make sure we are living as they have directed.

    Big changes coming. Not the ones the left are hoping to see.

  3. Liberal Jill Karofsky wins 10-year seat on Wisconsin Supreme Court.

    The Democratic victory in Wisconsin yesterday tells you something important. Even in a low turnout environment where COVID-19 scares the heck out voters, Democrats intensity ‘trumps’ Republican intensity. This could be a problem for the GOP in November.

  4. Oldsters tend to vote GOP. Oldsters may stay away from the polls in November out of fear of contracting covid-19.
    You may see the Dems do a lightning fast 180 on their call for mail-in voting.

  5. Trump doesn’t want mail-in voting. Republicans don’t want mail-in voting.


    When more people vote, the odds are no longer in Trump’s or Republican’s favor.

    Just that simple.

    Oregon has used vote by mail for 20 years and has developed an infrastructure for safe, clean elections. All states should copy the gear and the methodology.

  6. Why do you want mail in voting, Emery?
    Sounds like caving in to populism to me.

  7. Didn’t Evers cancel the mail-in voting when it became clear that the out-state ballots were outnumbering those mass-produced in Dane County?

  8. Who really loses in a straightforward proposition like this?

    We’re doing the census online and by mail. That seems to be going well. Even our president voted by mail in the recent Florida primary. What’s the problem?

  9. Still wondering what mail-in voting is intended to accomplish . . .
    Thia is a simple, straightforward question.

  10. I think that it should be more difficult to vote.
    In my dream world, You can only vote on election day, votes will be tallied in real time, but the totals not announced until the polls close.
    Every person who shows up and prove that they are registered will get a choice between a ballot & a clean, crisp, $5 bill.
    In my scheme, government will be better because our elected representatives will be selected by people who value their vote more than the price of a Big Mac.

  11. I think that it should be more difficult to vote.

    The ability to read English would be a great place to start. That’d keep millions of leftists and moochers out of the booth. Would cut California and Texas’s turnout by 1/3 at least.

  12. It’s a pretty easy question, but you can’t seem to answer it, Emery.
    Still wondering what mail-in voting is intended to accomplish . . .

  13. I can defend my eccentric ideas about changing the vote without mentioning any politician or political party. Emery can’t do that with his ‘vote by mail’ mad idea. That’s the way that TDS works, any concept is only valid insofar as it relates to Trump.

  14. Well, yes, the last thing Dems want is an orderly election, will only legitimate voters casting ballots at certain times and places, with results quickly tabulated & announced.
    What they want, at the end of election day, is a big pile of uncounted votes, with each vote only being valid once it is allowed to be counted.

  15. So Emery is in favor of vote by mail, but he cannot tell you why he is in favor of vote by mail. Weird.

  16. So Emery is in favor of vote by mail, but he cannot tell you why he is in favor of vote by mail. Weird.

    That talking point hasn’t been released to him yet, so he’s got nothing. But even then he’d just have a talking point, not an argument.

  17. Emery’s statement of “When more PEOPLE vote, the odds are no longer in Trump’s or Republican’s favor” unintentionally lets the mask slip. “People”, not citizens or eligible voters.

  18. After shit for brains Jim Acosta challenged Trump for evidence of voter fraud by mail, he produced it. The biggest opportunity for fraud comes with absentee ballots and the Democrats have proven that time and again with those going to military members outside of the U.S. Many Democrat states, including Minnesota under the Iowa scumball Mark Ritchie, have sent the ballots out late, ensuring that they couldn’t get across pond to and returned in time to be counted. To be fair, a Republican working on Mark Harris’ campaign in North Carolina, was arrested for manipulating absentee ballots, but funny! Harris called it out himself, as soon as he found out about it. Democrats, secure in their control of all levels of many states Secretaries of State (thanks to George Soros), always deny that it occurs, because they never actually investigate it. Of course, they can’t even handle normal voting, because ballots forgotten in car trunks and closets, always seem to show up in just enough numbers to help Democrats win.

  19. One positive thing I remember about a mail vote is that when Boulder County tried it around 2000, it resulted in the only loss they ever had in a tax increase referendum. (it would be funny if, as in Wisconsin, that put the kibosh on it, no?)

    But that said, I’m with MP. Voting ought to require more than a pulse and the ability to fog a mirror; if you’re too distant to our society to get a drivers license or other ID, too distant to be able to find a real job, contract debt, rent an apartment, and the like, I really don’t want you voting for our political leaders. One should be a citizen who is basically employable, and without clear evidence (e.g. violent felony record) of the willingness to do severe harm to his fellow man.

  20. The Left hates referendums. Look at the trouble it caused them in Cali. They have resorted to having the California SC declare an approved constitutional amendment ruled unconstitutional. Don’t that make your head spin? Makes you wonder where sovereignty lies in the Great State of California.
    Count every vote!
    But you will not be allowed to vote on anything the left disapproves of. No vote on marriage between one man and one woman, no vote on immigration limits. No vote on green inititiatives.

  21. Joe Biden, yesterday: “We’re going to finally achieve comprehensive immigration reform as well, put millions of citizens on a pathway to citizenship.”
    Democrats are about to learn that Biden was a terrible presidential candidate even before dementia set in.
    Today, of the two candidates who might possibly win, Trump and Biden, Obama endorsed Biden. What a call of confidence!
    Joe Biden wants you to know that he represents the interests of Mexican nationals as much as he represents the interests of American citizens.

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