For Services Rendered

Democrat senators – including Amy Klobuchar – push for direct federal subsidies of local newspapers:

The senators wrote that “local journalism has been providing communities answers to critical questions, including information on where to get locally tested, hospital capacity, road closures, essential business hours of operation, and shelter-in-place orders.” Recent media reports indicate that local news organizations, especially newspapers, are “slashing staff and publishing less frequently as the already-battered businesses try to weather the COVID-19 storm.” According to the letter, some “local papers and local broadcasters have lost even more of the advertising revenue they rely on from these businesses” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So have barber shops, mechanics, tobacco stores, comic book shops and every other small business in every other small non-metro town in the states affected by the draconian shutdowns.

None of them, as an industry, earns their keep by serving as the Democratic Party’s PR firm.

Hence, Public Broadcasting “qualified” for $75 million of the 2.2 trillion in Covid bailout money, while most small businesses are waiting for their allotted handouts; none of them participated in burying a single story about a single Democrat.  What use are they?

2 thoughts on “For Services Rendered

  1. On the topic of media, the lamestreams had a meltdown yesterday, a childish temper tantrum. Trump spanked them good and hard. Expect our troll to be active today. Do what I do: don’t read him, not worth the time. I doubt he reads your rebuttals to him anyway.

  2. Most of the media has been in the tank for the Left since forever. This just formalizes the arrangement and puts them on the payroll.

    I’m sure their being the benefactor of government largesse will in no way compromise their commitment to informing the public of the government’s activities.

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