This Is Today’s DFL

The GOP-controlled Senate passed an Insulin bill yesterday…

…but apparently they didn’t give House Majority Leader Ryan “Uncle Tom” Winkler the adulation he so craves:

And what is he, er, “apologizing” for?

This little outburst:

He’s flipping off Senator, and Doctor, Scott Jenson – on of the most moderate Republicans there is, BTW.

This is what half your neighbors voted for.

3 thoughts on “This Is Today’s DFL

  1. Blaming the GOP, is standard operating procedure for Winkler and his ilk. There are two sides to this story. Paul Gazelka laid out the issue on the other conservative station’s morning show and two Democrat legislators told me off the cuff that they dropped the ball on the deal, my money is on the GOP’s version as the truth. What it boiled down to was adding an amendment, specifically addressing the insulin, but senior Democrat leadership, who had already received a verbal approval on the budget from Wally, didn’t want to upset the apple cart by adding that in and having to go back to Wally. This boggles the mind, because Wally is their guy and they were afraid to go talk to him?

  2. These are your leaders. Conduct yourselves accordingly, ladies and gentlemen.

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