It’s Entirely Possible…

That John Feinblatt, kommissar of Everytown for Gun Control, wasn’t trying to highlight the intellectual vacuity of the gun control movement when he wrote this:

…but if he were, it’s hard to see how he’d have written it differently.

4 thoughts on “It’s Entirely Possible…

  1. – and guns cannot prevent plaque build up on your teeth or the heater element on your dryer from burning out. So therefore we should take guns from good people to prevent bad people from having them.

    Gosh, maybe future generations will learn critical thinking from the internet – because they sure aren’t getting it from schools.

  2. So the painfully lame snark that you can’t shoot a virus has grown to an accusation that the NRA wants its members to believe you can? That seems dumb.

  3. I’m usin’ a zero-dot-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-nine SJHP on the virus. Not sure how effective it is, I mostly shoot it at old people who ain’t wearin’ masks. How y’all feel about that?

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