Maybe I’m missing them, but doesn’t it seem as if the media is curiously short of stories on how the shutdown is affecting the Little People? The joke headline is “World Ends, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.”

As the economy shuts down, aren’t a lot of those people hurting? I would wager the number of out-of-work women waitresses vastly exceeds the number of men waitresses. How come we’re not hearing about those people?

I noticed it again this morning. I had to run up to the office for a couple of things that could not be done remotely. Off-ramp bums are still out there, but there’s virtually no traffic and no one’s willing to roll down a window to get within six feet of them. They’ve got to be hurting, and they’re already homeless. Where’s the media love for them?

When the media abandons its normal inclinations in favor of reporting only stories about the Bad Orange Man, it makes me suspect a political agenda.
Joe Doakes

And to think that people – the ones who didn’t think it was a joke to begin with – think that the shutting down of “Journo-List” ended media collusion.

2 thoughts on “Agenda

  1. The reporting appears to be very, very careful about describing who the fatalities are. It took a week for the local rag to share that the median age of those dying with COVID is 84, but the article quickly mentioned that young people are at risk as well.

    But…the elderly are clearly at heightened risk. You know what other demographic would logically be at risk? Those who are homeless, living without proper sanitation, in densely packed areas. You’d think the virus would march through those groups like Sherman through Georgia, but I see/hear nothing. Is this group not being tracked…or simply not reported?

  2. I read a NY Times long article on the state of the disease in a NY City hospital. The sick were described as being demographically random — young men, young women, middle-age men, middle-aged women, old men, and old women.
    But the stats of the demographics of hospitalized covid-19 patients in NY match those of the US in general. 42% are 65 or older. If you walked into a covid-19 ward in New York, the first thing that would strike you is how old the patients are.

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