2020 Pledge Drive – Final Day

Thanks to everyone that’s donated so far! I appreciate it more than I can express.


After 18 years of doing this blog, I’m continually humbled and amazed that people keep coming by. I say I’d keep doing it even if I still had five readers a day (as I did, back through most of 2002) – but seeing people actually keep coming back certainly makes it even more fun.

I thank you all.

I am passing the hat, as I usually do every year about this time – and am gratefuil for any support you might be able to spare.

UPDATE – Don’t like PayPal?

We can sure try iWallet, if you prefer:

Update 3/19 – Thanks, all!

9 thoughts on “2020 Pledge Drive – Final Day

  1. Pass, Mammuth, Scott, Sarge – thank you all!

    Swiftee – QR Code above! And thanks!

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