Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Colleges are telling students not to return from Spring Break. Schools are closing.  Employers are letting people work from home.  Everybody is taking the virus seriously.

Except local government.  The courts are open.  They’re going to stay open, all of them, until the State Court Administrator tells them to shut down.

Look, for people who get arrested and need an arraignment to get out on bail, fine, I get it.  You need a judge on duty.  Same for Orders for Protection, emergency guardianship, etc.  But the hearing doesn’t have to take place in person in the courthouse, it could be Skype.

For nearly everybody else – conciliation court, family court, probate, real estate, contract disputes – the hearing is postponed indefinitely.

Why not get out ahead of it now?  Why wait?

I blame Trump.  I suspect Democrats are afraid that if they close down the court system, Trump will pounce on it as an excuse to impose martial law and there will never be another election again.  No, seriously, I really do think they’re that paranoid. After all, that’s what they would do, if the shoe were on the other foot.

Joe Doakes

Berg’s 7th Law.

Nobody’s laughing now.

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  1. “It will all work out well.”

    “One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

    “It will go away.”

    The stock market is really looking good” ~ Donald Trump

  2. And which of those Trump statements do you believe is incorrect, Emery?
    TDS has destroyed your mind.
    I’ve seen it happen to a guy I know. He was once a colleague I worked with closely. Then he got his PhD & got a job at the local public university teaching physics to undergrads. Nice guy. He became a FB friend. All of his posts were science or space related.
    Then about a year ago, over two years into the Trump administration, he began to post the occasional wacky anti-Trump piece. Crazy stuff, conspiracy theory stuff, stuff too wild for even Emery to credit (maybe). Then the anti-Trump posts became more frequent. Now he posts about twenty times a day, and maybe one is about science (about which he knows something), and the rest are all crazy anti-Trump conspiracy theories. I never comment on his posts, but they are cluttering up my feed.
    This guy is a few years older than I am, and I know that he just had cataract surgery. Maybe it is early-onset dementia. The way his thinking has changed in the last year is frightening.

  3. Making the UK an exception to the travel ban shows that this action was a transparent political ploy. Trump’s travel restrictions have an interesting side effect: They exempt nations where three Trump-owned golf resorts are located and it ignores the reality that Covid-19 is already inside our borders.

    Perhaps Emery could familiarize himself with a map. One can travel by road from Italy to the rest of Europe, except the UK. The travel restrictions are not an effort at preventing the spread to within our borders, but to mitigate it. Italy has shown itself to be rather lacking in mitigating the spread of the virus. Other nations have already restricted travel from Italy via rail and air, including European countries. But to my knowledge, nobody’s closed their borders to travel from Italy via road.

    Emery reminds me of this little yippy dog that I used to encounter on my bike rides to school. The little dog would chase me as I pedaled past his owner being walked by her other, much larger dog that was thankfully on-leash. He chased me for about a quarter-to-half-mile, trying to nip at my heels as I pedaled on. Seldomly, he’d get a hold of my pant leg, but he still didn’t bother me. A couple of rotations of the pedals had me lifting him off the ground and putting him back down in the dirt an equal number of times before he got the message.

    Keep yipping, Emery. You’re not changing any hearts or minds here with your trolling.

  4. Trump looked and sounded like a defeated man. He can’t bullshit his way through this one.

    We are supposed to feel comforted and assured when the president speaks to us. Trump’s speech last night did the exact opposite.

    The most important thing the Trump administration can do right now is to improve the availability of test kits, helping state and local health officials figure out who has the virus and who doesn’t. But Trump didn’t mentioned that.

    For those that think this isn’t Trumps fault I’d like to point out two more of his errors coming to light.

    Getting rid of the Pandemic office that Obama opened. If he hadn’t done that the coordination would most likely have been better and we would probably have those test kits we need.

    Signing the Tax cut and Jobs act which further pumped up an already overinflated stock market during a time when no stimulus was needed. It set up the market to respond with panic when this hit.

    Trump is simply working on his next bigger and bolder and best (many people say) bankruptcy. This what he knows and he does it well.

  5. Well, Emery, you could have made quite a bit of money in the last few weeks if you had followed your own advice & gone short.
    I guess you don’t like to put your money where your mouth is.

  6. Before you read Biden’s plan to deal with covid-19, check this story from mother jones:

    A taste:
    In his statement today, Mr. Biden, who attended the Syracuse College of Law and graduated 76th in a class of 85, acknowledged: “I did not graduate in the top half of my class at law school and my recollection of this was inacurate.”

    As for receiving three degrees, Mr. Biden said: “I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in history and political science. My reference to degrees at the Claremont event was intended to refer to these majors – I said ‘three’ and should have said ‘two.’” Mr. Biden received a single B.A. in history and political science.

    ”With regard to my being the outstanding student in the political science department,” the statement went on. “My name was put up for that award by David Ingersoll, who is still at the University of Delaware.”

    In the Sunday interview, Mr. Biden said of his claim that he went to school on full academic scholarship: ”My recollection is – and I’d have to confirm this – but I don’t recall paying any money to go to law school.” Newsweek said Mr. Biden had gone to Syracuse ”on half scholarship based on financial need.”

    In his statement today, Mr. Biden did not directly dispute this, but said he received a scholarship from the Syracuse University College of Law “based in part on academics” as well as a grant from the Higher Education Scholarship Fund of the state of Delaware. He said the law school “arranged for my first year’s room and board by placing me as an assistant resident adviser in the undergraduate school.”

    As for the moot court competition, Mr. Biden said he had won such a competition, with a partner, in Kingston, Ontario, on Dec. 12, 1967.

  7. What the video at the link shows is Biden angrily lecturing a journalist about how smart and accomplshed he is. Biden is visibly angry and confrontational. Twice he brags about his IQ being very high.
    And every boasting claim that he made was a lie. Easily debunked lies.
    The guy had mental problems long before his pair of aneurysms.

  8. FYI, Syracuse college of law is considered a 3rd tier law school. So Biden graduated 76th out of 85 people in a third-tier law school.

  9. ^^ Thank goodness Biden is acting like and sounding like the president we need right now.

    Politics is the art of the possible, not wish fulfillment. Biden is advocating truthfulness, courage, generosity, progressive programs, science, public health, and effective government — so much that’s been missing for 3 years. He’s proven and credible.

    I neglected to mention I support Trump’s proposed travel ban. Fighting Covid-19 is like a game of whac-a-mole. You really need to reduce all the moving parts to win. China did this and seems to have had success.

    Diligence and keeping our eyes on the bigger picture will get us through this.

  10. “He’s proven and credible.”
    Emery, you may be the first human being to put the words “Biden” and “credible” in the same sentence.

  11. “Diligence and keeping our eyes on the bigger picture will get us through this.”
    Washing your hands and avoiding unnecessary human contact will get us through it.
    You are talking about ideas, I am talking about actual actions that you can take.

  12. Those of us who are viewing this pandemic from a rational point of view are curious about the high incidence of covid-19 victims and fatalities in Iran. It’s difficult to get this from our “unbiased” media, but the reason the Iranian outbreak was so swift and affected so many people is because Iran has deep ties with our global competitor China. There are a lot Chinese traveling to Iran and vice-versa. Especially interesting is the high number of Iranian government officials who have contracted the disease. Contagious diseases follow human networks, not geography.
    Russia, who Dems believe is our global foe, has about 25 active cases of covid-19, far fewer than the US.

  13. “It is a failing… The idea of anybody getting it easily the way people in other countries are doing it? We’re not set up for that. Do I think we should be? Yes. But we’re not.” – Dr Anthony Fauci, Director Natl Institute of Health, on coronavirus testing in the US

    “The World Health Organization did have a working test. Someone somewhere made the decision that the U.S. was going to go its own way, and that started a chain reaction of not having a working test and then having these delays for weeks.

    In the case of Alex Azar, he did go to the president in January. He did push past resistance from the president’s political aides to warn the president the new coronavirus could be a major problem. There were aides around Trump — Kellyanne Conway had some skepticism at times that this was something that needed to be a presidential priority.

    But at the same time, Secretary Azar has not always given the president the worst-case scenario of what could happen. My understanding is he did not push to do aggressive additional testing in recent weeks, and that’s partly because more testing might have led to more cases being discovered of coronavirus outbreak, and the president had made clear — the lower the numbers on coronavirus, the better for the president, the better for his potential reelection this fall.” ~ Politico reporter Dan Diamond

    Who in the Trump administration decided not to go with the WHO tests?

  14. “Thank goodness Biden is acting like and sounding like the president we need right now.”

    Biden’s little spew was written for the consumption of a low IQ audience. Since the vast majority was guffawing, I’m sure he is gratified his target demographic absorbed it like a sponge.

    BTW, has anyone else taken note of Joe’s squint? Drumpf attributes it to Joe’s lack of energy, but he’s wrong. Joe patterned it off a Louis L’Amour book cover.

    I’m betting Flinty Joe’s steely eye sends chills up the legs of his admirers.

  15. I see the moderation algorithm has been fully re-implemented, and is as unpredictable as ever.

  16. We’ve seen the usual trolls still defend this buffoon despite the evidence of his demonstrated incompetence. Anyone who criticizes or points out the obvious is accused of suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    The real sufferers of TDS are those who still pretend that Trump is remotely qualified to be president.

  17. You, Emery, are ignoring the evidence that your judgment has been proven wrong, time and time again.

  18. A note to the people trying to ride it out with dollar cost averaging. You should only be doing this if you’re under 55 years old. If you’re over 55, you may or may not have enough time left in your working life to recover from this. Those over 55 should have a more conservative (i.e. cash heavy) strategy, than assuming you’ll have time to benefit off a market rebound in the short term.

    The last rebound after 2008 crash took over 5 years to reach 2007 levels again, and that was a straight “V” rebound. Who knows how long it will take this time around.

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