Elizabeth Warren campaign staffers abuse journalist who “didn’t support Warren” enough.

Politico reporter Alex Thompson, who was assigned by his editor to cover Warren’s campaign, posted screenshots of messages that Warren staffers have been sending him.

The part that surprised me ? Emphasis added below:

One of the staffers chided him for not “actively supporting” Warren’s campaign while others told him to “eat s**t.”

Thompson explained, “Some Warren campaign staffers don’t have a good understanding of campaign journalism. Not my job to ‘actively support the candidate that you were assigned‘ It is my job to contact as many ppl as possible rather than just rely on what the campaign wants to give me.”

What? A reporter acting lilke…a reporter?

The cynics among you might point out “that’s just when reporting among Democrats; the reporter is probably a Biden or Bernie supporter”. And you have a point; if you’re not a cynic about the coverage of politics in this country, you’re not paying attention.

Still, it’s nice to see the Warren Kidz’ invincible entitlement getting even gently slapped down. Looking at their Twitter feeds, it would appear to have been the first time it’s ever happened; we’re talking about kids who’ve never known anything but Urban Progressive Privilege.

24 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Ha! Warren is obviously one of those right wing wackos who think the media is biased.

    Er, wait a minute…

  2. Correct headline: “Voters end Warren’s campaign.”

    Before Warren endorses I hope she remembers who told her she couldn’t win because of her gender.

  3. With all the endorsements from former opponents coming in, where is Obama’s endorsement of Biden?
    My theory is that Obama knows just how much “Slow Joe”‘s mental state has declined in the past year or two (from a low starting point). Obama was very generous in his endorsement of Hillary in 2016.
    It’s also possible that, in return for his endorsement, Obama wants input into Biden’s VP pick. If Biden wins, I put it at better than 50-50 that his VP will assume the presidency before 2024.

  4. ^^ It’s amazing how many folks who are deeply offended by amateur online psychiatry about Trump are suddenly acting like they’re Joe Biden’s neurologist.

  5. Neurology and psychiatry are not the same thing.
    Alzheimers and dementia are not the same thing as being a jerk.

  6. Trump’s numerous statements downplaying the epidemic are going to make for great campaign ads.

    Tax cuts stop viral infections? Who knew?

    Give Trump credit. He is trying to control the narrative.

  7. So, great maker of straw-men, just how many folks are deeply offended by amateur online psychiatry about Trump?

    Alzheimers and dementia are not the same thing as being a jerk.

    Far as I can tell, Biden’s got that trifecta covered. See for example, the “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” comment. But I guess, unless I’ve misinterpreted this comment, we’re still, after coming up on four years, concerned about Trump telling off those who deserve it in no uncertain terms.

  8. Woolly commented: “Alzheimers and dementia are not the same thing as being a jerk.”

    It would be nice to have an honest, thoughtful, selfless, beneficent, non-delusional, mentally stable president right about now.

  9. It would be nice to have an honest, thoughtful, selfless, beneficent, non-delusional, mentally stable president right about now.

    Didn’t you vote for Hillary?
    You want what you have never had and will never have. Get over it.

  10. Biden has had two brain aneurisms. He has had his skull opened up. His brain surgeon claims that Biden suffered no brain damage, but I am surprised that a neurosurgeon would state that without qualification. Some brain damage is obvious, some escapes detection by visual inspection or MRI.
    One of the results of “hidden” brain damage is early onset memory loss and dementia.
    If he wins, Biden will be 78 years old when he takes office. Ronald Reagan was 70 years old when he was elected in 1980.

  11. The difference between Clinton and Biden is 4 years of Trump. It could be enough to make a difference this time around.

    The loud voices on the left and the right get the most attention but most people are in the middle and just want *moderation*. (ht/jdm)

  12. Emery after your last 3+ years of comments you have no right to question the mental stability of ANYONE.

  13. Even with the recent downturn, the DJIA is 50% higher than it was when Trump took office.
    If Biden is elected, we’d need DJIA at 38,000 in 2024 for him to equal the DJIA gain under Trump.

  14. I’m starting to think that Emery is really Doggy. Comparing their comments, they are just as unintelligible.

  15. I cant wait for the Biden-Trump debates, hell I cant wait for the Biden-Bernie debate.

  16. Woolly: There is no good news to drive the market up more than a day. The trend will be down from here until prices are low enough to offset perceived risk.

    Wait and be patient — January 2021 is the best time to be 100% in stocks.

  17. There you go, making predictions again, Emery. If past performance is indicative of future results, you will be wrong. And when you are called on being wrong, you will either ignore it or counter with a random factoid from a highly partisan source that makes Trump look bad.
    I predict nothing. For all I know, a year from now the earth will be in some kind post-apocalyptic zombie scenario, with a few bands of the uninfected fighting a losing battle with the undead.
    But I do know how to be prudent, and being prudent is opposite of TDS.
    You are playing a game you cannot win. That is not prudent.

  18. No — seriously now. ‘dollar cost averaging’ is generally understood to be the best strategy for long term growth.

    Trump and his administration make promises so that you can buy stocks based off hopes that he follows through. He did it for two years with trade and now he is doing it with the drop in the market. And investors fall for it every single time.

  19. Every time stocks fall a little, there’s always a possibility they fall a lot. This is why a little market fear can turn into a lot of market fear very quickly.

    Despite the drops of recent weeks, most stock markets are still hugely overpriced. By the end of Obama’s term the Dow was at 16000 — Trump called it correctly as a big fat ugly bubble. Its now even bigger fatter and uglier.

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