4 thoughts on “Attention, North Carolina Democrats

  1. Robinson is well known down here. Here’s what put him on the radar.

    When reprobates in Greensboro were preparing to pass gun grabbing ordinances, he got up and brought the fight to them. Goes to show the power a single man with resolve has.

  2. I clicked the link in the article and immediately knew who the dude was from his speech before the NC house. I’m assuming this is the video Swiftee linked to but haven’t looked yet. I’d vote for the guy- seems level headed and down to earth. If the deer weren’t so tiny in NC I’d consider moving there…

  3. Hey Paul, that’s the first time I ever saw someone use deer size as a criteria for where to move. I fully endorse that sort of behavior, sir.

    However, you may want to include this: considering the fact that you’re pretty well surrounded by gun grabbing leftist degenerates, how much fun can it be to watch that 300lb, 9 pointer trot off after you miss him with a rock?

    As someone who likes to hunt, but is afflicted with an illogical fear of firearms, I know the feeling well

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