Rank Bigotry

In the race for the Democratic nomination to run against President Trump in 2020:

  • Every black candidate has left the race.
  • Every Latino candidate has dropped out.
  • Every Native American candidate…hah hah hah, you know where this goes.
  • Every woman with a serious shot (thanks for playing, Tulsi) is out.

Bummer Republicans are such bigots.

9 thoughts on “Rank Bigotry

  1. Degenerates come in all colors and both genders but the one constant is, in the the end, Democrats will endorse an anti-American degenerate.

  2. Nancy Palsy was blaming misogyny yesterday. Her mind isn’t any clearer than Slow Joe’s, so I guess she doesn’t understand she is talking about her party.

    Of course, they will spin it as ‘Republicans won’t vote for a woman or a person of color’, so we have to run an old white man.

    Um, Nancy dear, Republicans aren’t going to vote for a democrat, period. Your party is bigoted, sexist, and racist. And you are senile and Chucky Schemer is a thug.

  3. The identity politics candidate Ms Warren finds that a lot of people identify as Americans.

  4. I told a co-worker the other day that, since the lefties are constantly railing against the bad “orange” man, now that the Dems are running two old white men, the GOP’s actually got the more diverse candidate!

  5. This despite the fact that DNC enforces hard racial and gender quotas on delegates.

  6. Now that Buttagieg, Warren, etc., have dropped out of the race and are free to speak their minds, we will discover how bat-shit crazy they are.

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