Will Esme Murphy Call It A “Hate Crime?”

And it started as such a big day for A-Klo, who shocked the world by winning the endorsement of the Star Tribune’s editorial board, a group composed of people who used to get blackout drunk with her father. There are no words to describe our amazement that the Strib – a paper that’s served not only as Klobuchar’s PR firm, but the controller of all information about her, thoughout her career, would make such a bold, brave…

…Oh, I can’t keep a straight face any more.

Anyway – the day didn’t end nearly as well, as protesters affiliated with Black Lives Matter, irate over the Myon Burrell case, derailed one of her love-fests in Saint Louis Park last night, bum-rushing the stage and occupying it until the campaign cried uncle:

“The campaign offered a meeting with the senator if they would leave the stage after being onstage for more than an hour,” the spokesperson said. “After the group initially agreed, they backed out of the agreement and we are canceling the event.”

Questions over Klobuchar’s prosecutorial record, namely her handling of the Burrell case when she was the top attorney in Hennepin County, Minn., have dogged the senator since she announced her presidential bid last year. Klobuchar has also faced criticism for declining to prosecute cases involving police accused of using excessive force against black suspects, The Washington Post’s Elise Viebeck and Michelle Ye Hee Lee reported.

How bad was it?

This bad (Twitter link here, in case the tweet below doesn’t display properly)

Bad enough that even the Twin CIties media didn’t try to cover it up.


I wouldn’t want to be any of those protesters when A-Klo catches them alone, though.

19 thoughts on “Will Esme Murphy Call It A “Hate Crime?”

  1. She’s got 2 more years in her Senate term – I wouldn’t want to be any of the BLM SJWs seeking Constituent services from her anytime in the future.

  2. I loved hearing a couple of her snowflake supporters interviewed by Channel 9 complaining that the protesters were being a nuisance and shouldn’t be disrupting her (highness’s) speech like that.

    I decided to start my wife’s week off by pissing her off by laughing and commenting, “I guess those snowflakes don’t like it when their tactics against conservatives are used against them”.

  3. Amy’s career has been nothing but one cold, calculated decision after another – almost always coming down on the side of playing it safe while advancing her career. She (well, her handlers) thought this was a safe play – who in MN could dare hold her to account, even as this is the type of case that likely would have had her father on the warpath. (It May take a similar number of years for Ilhan Omar to get this same experience.)

    I feel a little sad that I’ve grown cynical enough to doubt this protest is a totally organic reaction from an oppressed group, and not shock troops deployed by others in her party for their own ends. If so, this was earth that didn’t need to be scorched, and we’ll see what crops come from it.

  4. I wonder if this idiotic campaign will come back to bite her in the ass. I never had much to say about her, good or bad (other than the fact she is a member of the degenerate leftist party), because she always functioned as curtains in the room. But listening to her, and getting to know who she actually is has left me with an unfavorable opinion of her.

    Clearly the Negroes are angry with her, and maybe they have a good reason, I dunno about the case. But this seems as good a time as the GOP will ever get to mount a serious challenge, especially if, as seems possible, Crazy Bernie is endorsed.

  5. A-Klo would seem to be getting the full Kamala Harris treatment regarding her work as district attorney. Here’s to hoping that A-Klo can rise above her past and take MN – I may even vote for her in the primary to help. Brokered convention, here we come!

  6. Call me old fashioned, but I do not believe that a minority of citizens should have veto power over a candidate preferred by the majority.

  7. MP that’s racist, white man. Get on the right side of history and embrace the vibrancy.

  8. jdm, the pundits seem to have reached consensus that a brokered convention is inevitable, but A-Klob isn’t gonna make it that far. She’ll have to settle for taking her comb and eating salad in the peanut gallery.

    It will be the DNC working Bernie and his crew filthy, upper middle class commies over with a rubber hose again in favor of Ol’ hair sniffin’ Joe.

    Whomever gets the molotov cocktail concession will make a tidy profit; it’ll be fun to watch Milwaukee bern.

  9. Just read that the fag and the bored billionaire have dropped out.

    That leaves the drunken pedo, the fake Indian, the gun grabber, A-Klob and the millionaire Commie. Perfect lineup to represent the degenerate party, imho.

  10. Heads-up. Bernie speaks TONIGHT at the River Centre. Free. Doors open 4:30, rally at 6:30.

    Pence speaks THURSDAY at Intercontinental Hotel on Kellogg Blvd. Doors open at 3:00, speech at 5:00. That one is during the state hockey tournament so leave yourself time to find parking.

    Cross posted, for more outreach.

  11. Party with Bernie, or beat the crap out of some elderly Drumf supporters?? Quite the dilemma for drug addicted antifa trash.

  12. Well Amy got the message The Party was sending her last night and has decided to “gracefully” drop out of the race and endorse Biden.
    Quelle Surprise!

  13. Yea, Bernie and his “climate sensitvie” entourage, will be arriving in their four private jets shortly.

  14. Well Amy got the message The Party was sending her last night and has decided to “gracefully” drop out of the race and endorse Biden.
    Quelle Surprise!

    Even though it was likely the Biden-wing that dispatched the BLM troopers to her “rally”.

  15. Can you just imagine the rage and disappointment? The air must have been littered with binders after the powers that be told her to step aside and throw her support to Demented Uncle Joe, the party’s last, best hope to stop the batshit crazy communist.

    I wonder what Warren’s campaign office is like. I have no doubts that she can have a personality just as fiery and scintillating as those of A-Klo and Hillary! Clinton.

  16. Bill C, I heard Warren is Bernie’s expected VP candidate.

    It really comes down to the depth of feeling and ultimately anger if the Bernie Bros realize their support is taken for granted. I know Schlichter thinks the Bernie Bros will eventually knuckle under and be good little party droogies, but I wonder.

  17. I would ordinarily tell Democrats/leftists to mind their manners, but in this case, they’re educating the world in how things will work with them in charge.

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