Logic Is Like Coronovirus

SCENE: Mitch BERG is watiing in line at his favorite barbeque joint when Aaron ROSTON, writer at the (possibly fictional) progressive blog “MinnesotaLiberalAlliance.Blogspot.com“, walks into the store and gets into line behind BERG. ROSTON is a crossing guard at a school in rural southern Minnesota, and is a bullying activist – mostly focusing on promoting bullying of children of conservatives.

ROSTON notices BERG, despite BERG’s best efforts.


BERG: Uh, hi, Eric…


BERG: Sorry. Mistook you for someone else.

ROSTON: (not waiting for BERG to finish his sentence) Minnesotans are moving out of state because they’re racists. The Center of the American Experiment is basically the Klan Robe crowd for pointing it out.

BERG: “Klan Robe Crowd”, huh?

ROSTON: Yep. That’s the only reason to leave Minnesota. Racism.

BERG: Right. Not schools that are collapsing, a hostile business and tax environment, stagnant economy outside the metro because the economy is being hobbled by taxes, regulation and the stranglehold of one party on the bureaucracy, spiking urban crime, totaly bonkers transportation and energy policy, and a cold, tax-hostile place to retire?

ROSTON: Come on. You’re better than that!

BERG: What does that mean?

ROSTON: You know the roots of conservatism are entirely in racism.

BERG: I know that that’s precisely false in regards to modern, post Sharon Declaration conservatism.

ROSTON: You know you’re wrong.

BERG: Er, I know you’re gaslighting.

ROSTON: It’s true. Full stop.

BERG: “Full stop?” What is this, freshman comp class?

ROSTON: Experts the world over agree.

BERG: Name them.

ROSTON: It’s’ not my job to do your research for you.

BERG: There is noi “research”. Name just one of these “experts”.

ROSTON: It would blow your mind if I did.

BERG: You are right in more ways than one. (Looks over ROSTON’s shoulder). Hey, look, Eric…


BERG: …sorry, Aaron. Look – a six year old with a red cap that looks like a Trump cap!

ROSTON: (Spins around and looks in vain. But BERG uses the opportunity to make good his escape).


12 thoughts on “Logic Is Like Coronovirus

  1. ROSTON: Yep. That’s the only reason to leave Minnesota. Racism.

    Only a misogynist would deny that the only reason to leave Minnesota is sexism.

    …but let’s not forget transphobia.

  2. I saw the exchange on Twitter, Mitch. It’s sad to see such an abdication of rational thought and logic. It seems like our side will get tired of saying “Where’s your proof?”

    Look no farther than the other night when Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom: It’s caused the Left to dust off this notion that he’s this big racist and sexist, but the people making the claim never listen to his show nor provide transcripts. Since his announcement of having advanced-stage lung cancer, we’ve seen the depravity that the Left will go to to, in their mind at least, score cheap political points. Because I am loathe to engage in the mind-reading the Left always seems to engage in, I will simply say it seems that many of them do not view their political opponents as human, a mindset which led to a great many dark chapters in human history.

  3. Favorite BBQ joint: not just one.

    • week in/week out, “Q Fanatic” in Champlin and South Minneapolis never disappointsl
    • Jimmy’s Old Southern is a little spotty, but incredible when it’s “on”.
    • Surly does amazing brisket.
  4. I’m not sure why the Left is upset. The governor expressly told us that the Minnesota economy could not expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. He point-blank told us if we don’t want to live in Mogadishu, we should find another state.

    Heck, even the Somalis don’t want to live in Mogadishu, that’s why they came here. Nobody wants to live there.

    Okay, you told us to leave, we’re leaving. What’s the problem?

  5. JD;
    Maybe that’s why Waldo is here. He left Nebraska, a largely red state, to foist his socialism in a more friendly environment.

    Yes, the left has always branded Rush as a (insert a favorite left wing meme here). Funny though, from 1985 until around 2010, I seem to remember him offering a $10,000 reward to anyone that could produce any proof of his racism, misogyny, etc. with an additional $5k for verifiable audio. The fact that no one ever collected that reward, speaks to the idiocy of lefty memes and lies.

    Emery I and Mitch; Try Baker’s Ribs in EP. Real Texas Que from transplanted Houstonians. Bar none, my favorite place in the Metro.

  6. Some years ago, Limbaugh questioned the validity of a woman in college demanding that the political state pay for her birth control.
    Limbaugh said that if she could afford the tuition at her college (Georgetown), but could not afford to pay for her own birth control, she must be some kind of slut.
    On FB yesterday a woman posted the claim that Trump had given the Presidential medal of Freedom to Limbaugh, who called a woman a slut for wanting “access to birth control.”
    I know the woman who posted this in RL. She has degree in physics from the University of Texas and a Masters from Saint John’s. Yet, she seems to be as dumb as a box of rocks.

  7. I remember that case. Limbaugh called her that not because she wanted access to birth control–any doctor would prescribe it for her and any pharmacy would sell it to her–but rather because she wanted Georgetown or the government to pay for it in their student health plan. And it turned out it wasn’t her, but rather a friend who actually needed a specialized hormone treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome, and whose prescription actually was covered. So it was something of a red herring.

    But to the point, I would argue that even apart from my theological positions and being opposed to sex outside of marriage, that a man who can not or will not pay for birth control for the woman in his life really ought to stay celibate, and the state ought to tell those receiving welfare “name the father and we will go after him for child support.”

    I am even amenable to debtors’ prisons for men who can not or will not do this. If you’ve got ten different children by ten different mothers, there is no reason I can think of that the state ought to leave you out on the streets to make the number eleven, twelve, or more. Sit tight, learn a trade, pay your debts.

  8. BB – I understand what you’re saying in theory. However, is this what we want government handling now? The ability to (even more than they currently do) take your money and freedom away. We’ll leave aside that family courts aren’t typically in favor of the father. Is it based on a say-so from the mother, or is it DNA testing? If it’s DNA testing, why should I have to give a sample to the government because someone said I was the baby daddy? Did that person offer any proof that we have had carnal relations? Sorry – I get a little passionate regarding family court, child support, and how fathers generally get screwed over.

  9. Shaking, having watch my brother in law get divorce raped, I get what you’re saying. Turns out, if I’m told correctly, that any number of people end up with child support payments despite not being the biological father–and not even really adoptive.

    That said, if we’re going to spend half a trillion bucks or more per year on welfare programs, simple justice demands we ask the dads to pay so the rest of us don’t have to pay for the upkeep of kids they didn’t get to help conceive. Let’s start with requiring mothers to name the father, and then the father can provide DNA to prove he’s not the father–and then that test cannot be used for other investigations. And if a dad’s got more kids than he can pay for, we’ve got to do something to slow that one down. Debtors’ prison, vasectomy, whatever.

  10. BB – I agree with the sentiment. But, rather than adding more government (and the potential for it to be abused), I prefer to see the existing programs managed better with some oversight and accountability. Not that that will ever happen.

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