Ilhan Omar – Libertarian Heroine

Rep. Omar on Twitter yesterday:

There’s hope here!

If your healthcare, tuition and housing are “Free” (ergo, paid by me, the taxpayer who gets none of those benefits), I am your slave, and being a slaveholder is a moral burden on you as well.

I’m pretty sure Rep. Omar didn’t intend it that way, of course – as her droogs make pretty clear in the thread (and if there’s a 2020’s analogue to “never read the comment section”, it’s gotta be “never read the thread of someone with a blue checkmark).

But you never know.

Maybe Omar will finally get into trouble with Squad leadership for this gaffe…

12 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar – Libertarian Heroine

  1. @ $174k/yr + benefits you’d think she could withstand a little oppression without whinging about it – what a lightweight.

  2. Given that Rashida Tlaib is still in their good graces after retweeting a blood libel, I’m guessing that Omar’s home free. Would be interesting to know what she’s responding to–I looked at her Twitter feed and did not see any real context that made sense.

  3. I say it’s about a 50-50 chance that she will still be in office a year from now.
    The accusations of immigration fraud, and related crimes, are ramping up, and she is unable to answer them coherently. The 5th CD will always be represented by a radical leftist. The DFL needs to decide if Omar is worth carrying through the scandal.
    I don’t think she is smart enough, or politically deft enough, to dodge the charges that may be laid against her.

  4. MP
    “The 5th CD will always be represented by a radical leftist.”

    Maybe not. There are several good candidates that are vying to run for her seat. Hibbing native Chris Kelley, an Army veteran and 20 year Minneapolis police officer running as an Independent, GOP candidates Dalia al-Aqidi, a Muslim woman who escaped war torn Iraq, became a citizen and believes in the American dream, Lacy Johnson, a black north Minneapolis resident for 40 years who is a software engineer (Minnpost is already taking shots at him), Danielle Stella, Lucia Vogel, Alley Waterbury and Brent Whaley. I heard Dalia on Fox news and Lacy Johnson on the other talk show a couple of weeks ago. They both expressed their excitement over the support they have received from the community. Dalia mentioned that since she is also a Muslim woman that escaped from a war zone to enjoy the blessings of the US, she felt that she had a great chance to flip the district and Lacy expressed his excitement over the number of young black people that have volunteered for his campaign.

    Maybe the fact that back in August, the 5th was voted as the worst district in the country for blacks, will get some of the residents to finally realize that the Dems have used them only for elections for decades, without solving the poverty problems in the district.

  5. boss, Id say the best we could hope for is a independent. The thing to watch will be if the DFL allows a legimate challenger in the primary. Although she may have turned off so many people that conventional political wisdom doesnt apply. Shes basically a Muslim Hillary Clinton.

  6. also Im copywriting that because I think that description could catch fire.

  7. I can share disdain for the 5th district as much as anyone, but I have to be suspicious of the notion that it’s the worst for blacks nationwide. Worse than districts in the South Side of Chicago? Worse than the district Gary’s in, or the ones of Detroit and Baltimore? Worse than districts including South Central LA?

    Dollars to donuts, I’d bet a few lunches that by objective standards of human misery, Omar’s district can’t hold a candle to a few others.

  8. Trump got elected prez, so I suppose even CD5 might elect a non-DFL’r.
    I see the value of high-profile Omar opponents in their being able to force coverage of Omar’s possible immigration fraud.

  9. Any support that Dalia and Lacy are getting will dry up as soon as Omar loses a Primary.
    Anytime Omar wins the CD5 DFL Primary she’ll win in November, though she will under perform compared to “Generic Democrat.”
    I still think that the best chance to defeat Omar in a primary is with pansexual transgender non-conforming refugee mixed race Jew.

  10. Bosshoss; thank you. Note carefully, though, that what is noted there is not the overall level of poverty in respective districts, but rather the disparity between blacks and whites.

    By that logic, if a town had Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as its whites, and a group of black neurosurgeons earning half a million a year as its blacks, this survey would describe this town as the absolute worst in the country for blacks. And all those neurosurgeons would wonder precisely what planet the researchers inhabited as they looked out the windows of their spacious homes after they drove home in their nice vehicles from their dream jobs.

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