A friend of the blog writes:

This retweet- I have no words…

except that if the couple he was retweeting ever read this, then they would find the racism in the US.

Berg’s Eighth Law – “American progressivism’s reaction to one of “their”constituents – women, gays or people of color – running for office or otherwise identifying as a conservative is indistinguishable from sociopathic disorder.”

– applies here.  

And applies, and applies, and applies some more.  

7 thoughts on “Proof

  1. Been wearing a MAGA hat everyday since the impeachment vote. Considered leaving it home when I took my brother back to the nursing home yesterday.

    Most of the people that care for him during the week are Negro women. Removing my hat would have been a mark of thanks for their hard work in caring for my brother, not a sop to Negro TDS. But I decided the hat stays.

    I’m on very friendly terms with the staff (the fact that I never arrive without trays of cookies, or deli snacks for everyone doesn’t hurt), but I was frankly taken by surprise by the reaction to my hat.

    Two ladies engaged me, and asked if I thought Trump would follow through with the wall. They said their profession was being infiltrated by South American illegals who worked for less; they are worried about their jobs.

    I told them I thought he would, if we could get the Democrat majority out of the house (tbh, I have faith in Trump, but not a lot in the GOP Congress). They said they were suspicious, but giving it serious consideration because they can see that open borders would make their lives even harder than they are now.

    We had a real nice chat, and I was left feeling very hopeful.

    I believe that many hard working Negroes are beginning to see the light. They are being tossed under the bus in favor of the growing MexiGuataSalvidorian demographic, and they know it.

    If we can get American Negroes engaged, die hards will soon consist of nothing but virulent anti-whites, wards of the state, poverty pimps, gangbangers, and Ta Nehisi Coats IMO.

  2. I’ll be honest and admit that I really didn’t understand the comment (the DA Bullock tweet). I mean, it isn’t interesting nor unique nor cleverly put – heck, it isn’t even clearly put – but since it was picked out for comment, I assumed it must be deeper than I fathomed.

    After reading Swiftee’s comment, a visit to that guy’s twitter feed, and a second cup of coffee, I think I understand better, but I wonder about the using him as a example of a progressive. Yeah, he spouts some of the same progressive words, but he’s mostly just an a**hole who figured out the race grift, think Kalinga from “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”.

    Kalinga: Yes, we marched on the Federal building. Five hundred of us young brothers, full of outrage.
    Kalinga: They were hiring that day. The brothers came with guns; they left with jobs. Oh, yes, whitey is very tricky.

  3. jdm, the proof of D.A. Bullock’s anti-white, incoherent opinions is highlighted in the fact that a quick look at Negro people who have had success in conservative politics all come with impressive CV’s.

    Nero-surgeons, Engineers, Army generals, successful businessmen and women. I honestly cannot think of 1 single conservative minority of any color that does not have some serious credibility that has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

    My own Senator, Tim Scott, has not only an impressive (self funded) education, he owns an insurance company here in SC, employing 10 people. Tim refused to join the “Black Caucus” when he was elected to the House, not because they are all Democrats, but because he rejects special treatment based on race. There is nothing I would love more than watching Tim debate Betty(!) McCollum.

    Contrast that record with the bag of 1/4 wits the Democrat party lives by pandering to; this dude is living in a hate filled, white hot delusion.

  4. One of the greatest lines in television history appeared on Good Times a mid-70’s TV series about a black family living in the projects of Chicago.

    Councilman: You owe me. I got your family into the projects.
    James Evans: We don’t owe you anything, what we wanted was OUT of the projects.

  5. bosshoss, down here I have the opportunity to talk to Negros more often than I have anywhere else; we get along well for the most part. While it’s true that many are addicted to the gibs, there are so many more down here working their asses off, and they receptive to the idea leftists have been screwing them since LBJ’s gambit. I know because I’ve talked to them

    I have seen anecdotal reports that slightly less than 1/2 of American Negroes are living on the dole, and/or (especially for men) as criminal operators. I don’t know how reliable that is, but considering the number serving time in prison and jail, it’s probably not far from the mark.

    That means that more than 1/2 are out there working and living with the rest of us. They are raising their kids to be decent hard working adults, too. Once you get past the racial animosity, they share so much more with the conservative white majority than they do with their own criminal elements and professional moochers. If we can prove to 1/2 of the 1/2 that the left is their enemy, no Democrat will get elected again until the MexiGuataSalvidorian invasion starts to vote in numbers.

    The degenerates know this. That is why leftist states are giving DL’s to illegals that are indistinguishable from the ones citizens get; what’s to stop them from voting, and does anyone believe the degenerates are not encouraging them to do so? It is working, low income Negroes that will pay the piper first and hardest.

  6. Swiftee;

    Agreed. The many black colleagues and associations that I have, concur with your assessments. All of them have successful careers and realize that they control their own destinies. I have heard debates between a couple of them and what they refer to as “Slaves on the Democrat Plantation.” Unfortunately, the mooching and gimme mentality of the left, is really ingrained into the true believers. Of course, the slaves first retort is that they are Uncle Toms for being conservatives/Republicans, yet a few of them listen and in a couple of cases, saw the light.

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