Office of the President of the United States. 

Dear Mister Berg.
Congratulations, you’ve been selected to participate on President Trump’s advisory team. Its job is to come up with the priorities for this administration for the next four years.
I started a list of priorities, which I’d like you to rank. Feel free to add others if I’ve missed some. 
Please note that when ranking your priorities, we are hoping to concentrate on two or three which actually can be accomplished, given that the House of Representatives is dead set against us and half the Senate Republicans are Never-Trumpers who will back-stab us the first chance they get.
Climate change. Border wall with Mexico. Trade Agreement with China. North Korean nuclear weapons. Islamic Terror. Fracking. Taxes. Conservative judges. The national debt. Health insurance. Immigration law reform. Foreign aid. United Nations. NATO.
Thank you for your assistance. I know it’s a frustrating and challenging task to make a list which the media will blast and everyone whose pet peeve doesn’t get top billing will hate. 
Now you know what it feels like to sit in the big chair.
Sincerely yours

Joe Doakes
Advisory Team Lead

I’ve been a critic of Trump, especially his personality, since most Democrats were faithfully tuning in “Celebrity Apprentice” weekly.

But under the circumstances, seeing the legislative landscape greeting his agenda makes “Crank the Trump Persoanlity to 11 and let fly” actually makes a lot of sense.

1 thought on “Recourse

  1. “Crank the Trump Persoanlity to 11 and let fly” actually makes a lot of sense“

    Most people get that it would be cruel to ridicule, abuse, and demean a mentally ill or a teenager on the autism spectrum.

    What some people don’t seem to get is that it’s also cruel to endorse and support a mentally ill person’s delusional structure because it’s consistent with your ideology.

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