City Slickers

The “Reverend” Nancy Nord Bence, of “Protect” Minnesota, on Facebook:

Why, it’s almost as if “Protect” MN is admitting it’s a purely metro-centric organization! The “group” clearly think all gun policy should be set in the Twin Cities.

Well, among the right Twin Citians, anyway.

10 thoughts on “City Slickers

  1. If you go, remember to bring a large thermos of organic free-range, fair-trade coffee. All they serve up there is anemic Folgers.

  2. “Plan your trip to beautiful Northern Minnesota over January 20-21…”

    And bring your blubber knife! LMAO

  3. Minnesota is a big state. Laws made in St. Paul affect people living hours away. In order for the people affected by the proposed law to have their voices heard by the lawmakers considering the law, where should the hearings be held? And what time of day? And on how much notice?

    This isn’t the first time people have complained about legislators playing games to stack gun control hearings with supporters, but I don’t recall the Nan-mobile complaining about this tactic in the past. This is simply the first time the game hasn’t gone her way, which means hers is not a principled objection and therefore, I can ignore it.

    Liberals never expect to live under the rules they make.

  4. I’m anxious to see how many of the “Protect” crowd make up to Hibbing in January. Often it’s the coldest part of the state, and likely as not will be at that time of year.

  5. Scott; It will depend on two factors; a. how cold it is, especially in Hibbing and/or b. if it’s snowing. Most of the protect crowd are ELCA hair womyn and most likely, millennials. Most of those that I work with, hate driving to work when it’s cold, let alone driving to Hibbing.

  6. I hate driving NW from the cities in the winter. It’s like the Siberian tundra. IIRC, the Indians didn’t live in that part of the state in the winter, instead they moved into river valleys in the SE part of the state.

  7. jdm – with a little creative sign “engineering”, you can assure that Nancy and her gang do end up in Canada.

    (After the Prague Spring, Czech protesters succeeded in rerouting a portion of the invading Warsaw Pact forces out of the country.)

  8. Why are they even holding these hearings?

    Isn’t the upcoming session a bonding session?

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