9 thoughts on “When All You Have Is A Hammer, All The World Is A White Supremacist Nail

  1. And the people who thought Michelle Bachmann was an idiot and a bigot are writing checks to keep Tlaib’s campaign afloat.

  2. Mitch, I hope you sent a Christmas–er–Holiday card to the Squad for supplying you with so much material this year.

  3. FDR and Harry Truman must be rolling in their graves about how the squad is essentially the heart of the Democratic party now. They need a good beatdown at every level (at the ballot box, calm down any leftist reading. I dont believe that my political opponents should be physically beaten, Im not Antifa) in 2020, just like what happened to Labor in the UK.

  4. POD, let’s not forget HHH, who kicked the commies out of the DFL…only to have them flood back in 70 years later.

  5. Solid point Greg, every time I use light rale from work I pass his statue in government plaza. By today’s standards he’s more conservative than half of the damn GOP.

  6. Leftist reprobates: “White pipul will be a minority in 10 years…Bwaaaahahahahaa! Suck it hillbillies!”

    Also leftist reprobates: “White supremacists are everywhere!!”

  7. Is white supremacy making climate change worse, or is climate change making white supremacy worse?

  8. Oooh, MP getting all deep up in here, trying to trip us up.

    The answer is, doesn’t matter. Leftists will be on the right side of whatever history comes up with.

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