Wake Me Up When December Ends

I hate December. It’s cold. It’s dark. And all my year-end bills come due. Annual attorney recertification, vacation condo maintenance fee, hangar rent, Christmas bills plus all the usual expenses. It’s that wallop at the end of the year that annoys me. I hate to see money going out of the checkbook, it should be coming in. Makes me what to cut back,  spend less, live poor. 
“Darkness was cheap, and Scrooge liked it.”
I know exactly how he felt.
Joe doakes

I make a concerted point of enjoying the whole holiday season – which has made me, oddly enough, enjoy the season.

But I get it. I really do.

2 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When December Ends

  1. Next winter will be my first Midwest winter since 1988.
    Today I hiked around the Kilauea summit. Partly cloudy and 75 degrees. I wore shorts and a t-shirt.
    But I intend to spend January, 2021 in Arizona. I’ve got friends there.

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