The Season!

Heartwarming holiday story.
Joe doakes

In more ways than one.

Not sure if Democrats get it yet – whenever they threaten to take guns away (and it’s become pretty much the norm over this past few years), they create a wave of new owners.

Which means “gun culture” becomes more ingrained in our society – at least the parts of the society that take freedom seriously. And it’s already pretty ingrained – maybe irreversibly so.

11 thoughts on “The Season!

  1. Bloomberg did his “reasonable gun policies” pitch yesterday and it was clear that at the end of the day he will not be POTUS.

  2. Scott Hughes;

    Unfortunately, too many 2nd Amendment supporters and gun owners have fallen for the “sensible firearms regulations” lie. I spent part of Thanksgiving getting two of my cousins heads straight.

  3. The author of “Gun Rights Are Winning” will have to update the article’s section on the cultural/political toxicity of gun control by the illustrative example of Bobby O’Rourke’s presidential candidacy flame-out after he openly advocated the confiscation of AR’s by force.
    May the progs never learn.

  4. This is why Bloomberg’s candidacy is doomed. You would think a billionaire would be smarter than that.

  5. Wife and I are prepping for an early retirement. Rental properties are clicking along, we recently bought 2 brand new land vehicles (one fun, one work), an indestructable Ford 9N tractor (with PTO and implements) and a well used fishing boat, and are closing on the long dreamed of Swifty compound before the end of the year.

    We have acreage enough to grow everything we need, a well and septic. If only I didn’t suffer from firearmophobia, I’d be laying in a 10 year supply of ammunition…if only.

  6. MP;

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and suggest that Bloomberg likely collected a big chunk of money during his time as mayor of NYC. Maybe that’s why he switched to the corruption party. 😂 😂

  7. I’m heading for Osceola, Wisconsin on July 1st of next year, Swiftee. I am retiring at age 60 thanks to the Trump boom.

  8. I’m heading for Osceola, Wisconsin on July 1st of next year, Swiftee. I am retiring at age 60 thanks to the Trump boom

    We’ll have to get together for a Spotted Cow. I’ll have to smuggle you some Kerry Gold butter, though, as it is banned in Wisconsin.

  9. We’ll do that, Night Writer. I had a lot of friends in Hawaii, but over the years they have all either died or gone back to the mainland. But I still keep up with the friends I had in Minnesota. I’ve known some of them for forty years, and when I go back on my annual pilgrimage and see them, it’s like I never left.

  10. Well, POD, I tell you youngun’s that us Boomer types didn’t have it all that good. In 1980, when I was 20 years old, the inflation adjusted GDP of the US was about one third what it is now.
    Where we are poorer, today, is in freedom. Unless you went out of your way to personally insult someone, no one cared what you said. There was a high wall between your work and your private life. We still thought of ourselves as the freest, richest people in the world, and we were proud of it.

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