The Plan

The Minnesota DFL – and of course, the likes of the “Reverend” Nancy North Benson – don’t dream of sugarplums and fairies.

They dream of making the US just like the UK.

“You must not defend yourself with something that can hurt someone”.

Apparently, all you need is love.

8 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Thanks for providing this, Mitch. It’s always good to have it black on white just how defenseless we are supposed to be.

  2. They must want people chasing knife wielding muzzy terrorists around with Narwal tusks, because this is how you get people chasing knife wielding muzzy terrorists around with Narwal tusks.

    IMO, before a US LEO can ever advise the population that “The only fully legal self defense product at the moment is a rape alarm”, our population will have halved itself disputing it factually.

    Even a firearmophobe such as myself can see that.

  3. I aver, however, that it may be helpful to start carrying brightly colored dye around so that we may decorate our clown world cheerfully.

  4. The brightly colored dye could have other useful applications, for example, people who park in handicapped spots “just to run in quick,” people who ride bicycles in the traffic lane during blizzards, you get the idea.

    Don’t get Road Rage, get Road Red. Splash the offender so law enforcement knows who to keep an eye on.

  5. JD – you may be onto something. Except, instead of Road Red, how about Scarlet Shame. It would go over many of the snowflakes heads, since apparently classic literature isn’t taught anymore.

    As for the “Legal Self Defense Products I can buy” – training and fitness. Fit people are harder to kill.

  6. I wonder if you put a bit of Marmite in the color spray, it might do something……really, England is just a bit further along than we are with airport security, no?

    That said, I’m personally waiting for the police to decide that a dye spray is wrong because the person might have to wash their clothes.

  7. Maybe it’s just me – it often is – but did you happen to notice the rating for this page? I found it here. The page has 2 out of 5 stars, which is declared to be “Quite Useful”. Less than “Useful” (three stars) and “Very Useful” (four). I would’ve thought “Quite Useful” to be the almost the same as “Very Useful”, perhaps a tad less. Perhaps it’s a way to weight the results? It’s essentially always going to be useful no matter what.

    Oh, well. It’s amazing the UKers put up with this nonsense. I mean, they’ve not only accepted giving up their guns but any “product which is made or adapted to cause a person injury” as well. And they do it willingly. Many of them will vigorously defend these prohibitions (in public, no less) in spite of the consequences. Taken together with the collective shoulder-shrug regarding the Brexit process, it’s hard to believe that the sun, once upon a time, never set on the British empire.

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