Why are progressives so anti-gun?

Perhaps because, subconsciously, they know Berg’s Seventh Law is for real.

Gun-controller shoots her kids, self:

Ashley Auzenne, 39, fatally shot Parrish, 11, Eleanor, 9, and Lincoln, 7 — and then herself — in their Deer Park home, local police said in a statement. Authorities found their bodies when they got a request for a welfare check and responded to the New Orleans Street home around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Police also found a gun inside the home.

The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the deaths a murder-suicide on Thursday, with Ashley Auzenne as the suspect, authorities said….Last November, Auzenne framed her Facebook profile picture with an “#End Gun Violence” banner.

And the reason? She got her way in her divorce – custody, apparently – but didn’t get everything she wanted:

She was concerned she’d not be able to move with the kids to her hometown, and would need to find a job and pay him rent if she stayed in their current home, he said.

And as we’ve noticed in the past, Auzenne was not the first prog to lose it and start killing helpless people with one of those guns they claimed to abjure (for everyone else)

Beneath all too many anti-gunners is a narcissist with a violence problem.

4 thoughts on “Snapped

  1. Meh.

    This gal at a point utilizing a spammy, low effort artifact of FB ephemera doesn’t makes her a gun control advocate of any significance. Thus the hypocrisy discernment there is real dubious.

  2. Mitch,

    In the case of Rand Paul, his injuries turned out to be much worse than just a broken rib. Thankfully, the miscreant is now out $580,000.00 as a result of the lawsuit Rand filed against him.

  3. Adding to my last, he actually had five broken ribs and had part of his lung removed as a result of the injuries.

  4. Kids got shot in California again yesterday, but the shooter wasn’t a wytman, and he isn’t use a scary black rifle so it’s dropped off the news cycle already.

    And while I’m at it, what ever happened with the investigation into the guy who shot 50 people in Vegas…worst mass shooting, evah, remember?

    People will say I shouldn’t weigh in, because of my irrational fear of firearms, but I support the Constitutionally protected, God given right to defend ourselves.

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