Transfer Of Wealth

Chicago teachers are on strike.


But it’s not just for them, this time. Nosirreebob.

In the last two contract fights, the union brought up these issues, but they also had to concentrate on protecting their members whose jobs were being threatened by school closings and the opening of charter schools. The school district also had a budget deficit that made it difficult to argue for more resources.
This year, they saw an opening to try to win big on these social justice issues. The school district has more money after a change in the state’s funding formula and Lightfoot has said she believes schools need additional resources. The union also feels compelled to push these demands after years of budget cuts that led to staff losses in schools .
Many teachers say conditions in schools are unacceptable.
Lightfoot and her team have maintained they are committed to adding 250 more nurses, 200 social workers and more special education case managers to schools. But they say putting these promises in the contract would limit their flexibility.

Between the lines: it’s a weath transfer, from Illinois taxpayers to Chicago public employees.

Special “Elite” Media Messaging Bonus: Listening to MPR discussing the story this morning, “Morning Edition” host Bill Inskeep, talking with a Chicago NPR reporter, emphasized (and I’m very closely paraphrasing here): “Just to make sure we’re clear on this – the union is doing this for the kids’ well-being…”

11 thoughts on “Transfer Of Wealth

  1. Threadjack.

    Elijah “Ol’ Looter” Cummings (Douchbag) MD has finally stopped befouling our breathing air. It will be interesting to see how his estate distributes his ill gotten loot without (A) Losing it all to the IRS and (B) Subjecting his heirs to federal prison. I predict a master class on creative accounting and sleight-of-hand.

    Meantime, prepare yourselves for some spittle flecked expressions of anti-wypipul hatred from minority politicians ( the burning of a few blocks and looting of hair extension shops/liquor stores/pharmacies in Lagos Baltimore is not out of the question) and celebrities and epic self loathing from the reprobate left.

    This is an opportunity that won’t be wasted in any fashion; bet the farm. Don’t be surprised to hear demands that a monument be erected in the Washington mall; paid for with a special income tax that is progressively levied according to melanin (20% for wypipul; 0% for everyone else).

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other prominent poverty pimps are sure to take advantage of the chaos to rake in a few millions. Corporations are advised to keep a really low profile.

    Of course, invitations to the funeral for wypipul will depend on the sincerity and depth of the debasement displayed….should be highly entertaining.

  2. As to the topic at hand.

    According to Moody’s and S&P Global Ratings, Illinois’ credit rating remains just one notch above junk level; it’s been there for several years, and hasn’t gotten any better. This means less than nothing to leftist reprobates. They will gladly run the state right into the ground, toddle off with the loot and blame Republicans.

    It’s the Detroit/Flint model.

  3. Swiftee the question now is will Marilyn Mosby replace Cummings or will it be former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh or maybe Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake? We know the voters of Cummings district have high standards so it will likely be one of the 3.
    My money is on Mosby.

  4. Pig, there is no question. It will be the reprobate that offers his widow the best deal (most Benjamin’s to her charity).

  5. I expect Jesse Jackson will show up at the funeral with another bloody shirt.

    As for Chicago, the proposal should be to add nurses, but cut one administrator for each nurse added. Heck, at what the administrators get, you could probably add two nurses. And the administrator to teacher ratio would still be too high.

  6. I think this is one of those times when negotiator’s on CPS’s side need to hold a firm line and say that if the teachers want to be paid for that time, they’d better be in the classroom. As others have noted, Illinois is in a deep hole, financially, and the longer people deny it, the more people will be hurt.

  7. Chicago Public Schools enrollment drops by 10,000 students

    Chicago Public Schools this fall recorded one of the sharpest single-year enrollment declines since the district’s student population began a steady downturn 16 years ago.

    The 361,314 students counted on the 20th day of classes this fall represents a reduction of 10,000 students from last school year.

    That’s a slightly smaller drop than two years ago, when enrollment plummeted by about 11,000 students from the preceding year. The numbers continue a long-standing trend that began in 2003, when total enrollment stood at 434,000.

    Hey, just because you have fewer students doesn’t mean you need fewer teachers and less money….. I mean c’mon.

  8. The students in the chicago public school district is are 85% black or hispanic.

  9. “The students in the chicago public school district is are 85% black or hispanic.”

    The underlying truth that fact hides is that of the 10’s of thousands that have left CPS, many, or most have left school altogether. Chicago, like all leftist dominated cities is already starting to resemble the darkest pages of Oliver Twist.

    Given enough time, they’ll all be indistinguishable from Mogadishu.

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