Don’t Mind Me

I’m just waiting and watching to see if Minneapolis lives down to everyone’s expectations.

The Trump campaign, of course, would benefit greatly from lots of goons desporting in the streets and trying to crack heads.

On the other hand, Mayor McDreamy would love to paint Trump supporters’ self-defense as “white supremacist violence” and create a city department (run by a retired city councilperson or state legislator and staff of dedicated DFL functionaries who need salaries) to “study” the issue.

Maybe the weather will curb some of the Red Flags‘ enthusiasm.

16 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Me

  1. What’s the betting at for arrests out of this? I’m guessing that, much like the BLM shutdowns of roads, the mayor’s office will dictate a hands off policy. However, with the recent pushback from the MPD, maybe they’ll go ahead and arrest lawbreakers. Tough to say. Anyhow, my prediction is the there are under 10 arrests for the day.

  2. Just before the 2016 election I asked a good friend why he was supporting Trump. I still remember him looking at his shoes and muttering “tear it all down.” This was a successful white businessman, not a revolutionary. He was obviously not alone.

    The one consistent thread that seems to bind all these chaos-hunters together is the deeply held belief they are smarter than everyone else and no one is listening to them. It leads to a kind of victimhood that, apparently, justifies all manner of nihilism.

  3. Between the weather and all the rif raff that might be down there, despit me really wanting to go I think for my personal safety and sanity Im going to back out of this one.

  4. Besides MN could very well be a battleground state in 2020 so he might return, probably not to Minneapolis though.

  5. Emery, in case you havent noticed Trump IS tearing it all down, thats why the Democrats are running scared and trying to stop him any way they can. This impeachment farce will be 10X worse than Mueller because it will expose the coup that the Deep State has been trying, and failing, to pull off since the day he got elected. And Obama and Hillary will be dragged into this too.

  6. I just found out that a neighbor and some acquaintances are going to be at the rally. The neighbor is a volunteer.

  7. It’s real simple.

    The Democrats walked away from white working class voters.

    These voters feel that their culture and way of life is being attacked and replaced.

    So at the point where they feel attacked and not represented…

    In walks Trump.

    And now the Democratic Party still hasn’t included the white working class and Republicans are more concerned with business and the rich, so where are they to go?

    So yeah, who cares what Trump does.

    They are being attacked and have no one to go to.

    Trump is still on their side.

    They will stick with him no matter what.

    Trump wants Ukraine to help him dirt on Biden???

    Who cares! Our way of life is being attacked!

    So that’s it. Rightly or wrongly, nothing that hard to understand

  8. Even though Emery seems to be misled on the Ukraine situation, his point is kind of valid (although not for the reason he was probably intending). My thought is, what’s wrong with a large group of abandoned/disenfranchised constituents jumping ship to a party and politician whom they feel better serves their purposes? I again think Emery is partially misled by characterizing all supporters as feeling their culture is being attacked, but even if it was, what’s wrong with that? Do those folks not get a say in a democracy? Do only ‘woke’ and currently politically correct thinkers get a say in how our country moves forward? If trump decided to start legalizing/promoting abortion, taxing businesses into oblivion, and expanding easy access to welfare, I would probably jump from his ship to another candidate who better fit my ideals.

  9. PaulM welcome and you are spot on about Emery, he’s like a slightly more sane verion of the artist formerly known as Penigma AKA paddyboy50 now .And the thing that no one is talking about now is if Warren is the nominee thius time there might be a similar exodus of blacks and latinos from democrats because they care about jobs and putting food on the table, not Trumps tweets or this insane impeachment trope. To quote James Carville, its the economy stupid. And despite what the left is saying its roaring.

  10. Thought the boy mayor couldn’t disappoint me any further but hold the presses. His latest middle school trolling antics are beyond insane. Too bad there isn’t a network humor show on Saturday Night, Live, to make fun of him.

  11. If Dunning_Kruger’s hate for Trump was stronger than his urge to troll the streets for young boys, I’d hope he might take time out from pursuing his passion to show up and get his head busted with his leftist ilk.

    Alas tis probably not so. As with most leftists, D_K’s passions don’t involve anyone capable of defending themselves.

  12. Actually, the people who think that they are smarter than everyone else predicted that Hillary would win by a landslide & that Mueller was certain to dig up proof that Trump was colluding with the Russians.

  13. I’m a member at a local gun club. Every member donates two days per year serving as Range Safety Officer. Yesterday, even with the rain, we had about 100 members of the public show up, mostly to sight in hunting rifles. Several of them said they work downtown Minneapolis and were told not to come to work, for fear of riots. So they took advantage of the Leftist threat of violence to exercise their Second Amendment Rights. And to a man, they were complimentary of the facilities and staff. I think we even got a couple new members.

    Thanks, Liberals, for helping us promote gun culture in America.

  14. Liberals have spent years insisting that people must be divided into special interest groups and vote for the best interests of their group. If anybody strayed, Liberals were angry.

    But when middle-class White people actually did it in 2016, Liberals were angry about that, too.

    Liberals need to work on their anger-management issues.

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