Let’s Do Some Thunberging

Steven Miller on Twitter:

Speaking of “cyberbullying”: so when a teenager smiles awkwardly at guy tacitly harassing him at a rally in DC, it’s racism – but when a teenager rants at the UN like a junior Mussolini, before taking a “green” trip to the next stop on her agenda and thence home on $10M sailing yacht? Voice of a generation!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Do Some Thunberging

  1. This current moment reminds of a moment in the 80s when all the kiddies were all pulled into the anti-nuclear arms movement to guilt the Reagan administration into going wobbly.

  2. Leftists have used childen going back to the days of the USSR, its nothing new. Its such an effective tool because they are beyond criticism. But we live in a new world now. Pepe and the memes dont care. Im off to Facebook to do some trolling.

  3. Andrew Stuttaford of NRO quotes today from an old article titled Heaven on Earth: The Varieties of the Millenial Experience
    As to what draws people to such fantasies, Landes offers numerous suggestions including the excitement of anticipation; the allure of secrets decoded; the satisfaction of being amongst the saved-to-be; the “elating coherence” of apocalyptic grand narrative; the jubilation that comes from breathing the “clean, clear air of apocalyptic righteousness”; the urge to punish; and the craving to see the richer and more powerful brought low. There is also, I reckon, the thrilling masochism of purification (appropriately, global warming makes an appearance within the pages of this volume) and vanity, too: Ours is the time. And then, lest we forget, there is the perennial attraction of bloody destruction (of bad people in a good cause, naturally).

    Global warming fanaticism fits this description perfectly. When I try to think of a similar millenarian obsession on the right, I can only come up with cranky, fringe things like white supremacy, goldbuggery, and flouride in the water. Global warming fanaticism, however is front and center in the belief system of the left.

  4. I’m sorry to keep this up, but there’s literally so much happening around this girl. Democrat shocked! Shocked! on hearing the truth.

    Knowles had been discussing the absurdity of “meatless” diets and environmentalism. “The climate hysteria movement is not about science,” Knowles said. “If it were about science, it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”

    This is offensive?

  5. She stopped talking? For the sake of humanity I wish she had never started up again.

  6. It would be really fun to do an analysis of the yacht that brought Miss Thunberg over from Europe, and show her exactly how many pounds of carbon were emitted for that ride. I can’t get the weight for the one she was on, but other boats in the class weigh about 7.5 tons, mostly of carbon fiber, and are almost pure racing boats. Sources I’ve seen indicate that you put about 12kG of carbon dioxide in the air for every kg of carbon fiber you have, which means that the boat–which has only made 8 such voyages–is responsible for ~ 4kG of carbon dioxide per mile of emissions so far, plus manufacturing the boat and upkeep.

    In contrast, taking a plane across the ocean only results in emissions of about 0.3 kG/mile.

    Also, her parents sent her on a racing yacht across the Atlantic–no bathroom, no kitchen, no relatives–with Asperger’s. Yes, this is child abuse. Thank God she didn’t get hurt, but putting her on a boat with 1-2 others like this is dangerous–people die in singlehanded sailboat racing all the time.

  7. Sooner or later the suckers will realize that they are backing a movement which promises dystopia — authoritarian, anti-human, anti-reason, anti-prosperity, and racist, to boot.

  8. Of course, no one mentioned that a crew had to be FLOWN to the U.S. to sail the yacht back to Sweden or wherever the hell in Europe it was from.

  9. There’s more about the little scamp. Turns out she’s backed by George Soros and travels with a coach, assistant, as well as puppeteer.

    Thunberg soon also got her own coach – a well-known climate activist from Germany by the name Luisa-Marie Neubauer. What is the likelyhood of a young girl who starts a school strike outside the Swedish parliament, getting schoolchildren from all over the world to join her cause and fight against climate change? And how often do 16-year-olds have their own coaches?

    Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who has been captured on a numerous images and videos together with Greta when the two direct climate change strikes all over the world, belongs to the organisation called ”one foundation”.

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