Mr. NASCAR? Call From Mr. Gillette…

NASCAR is too woke for gun ads in its printed programs?  Wow, I had no idea people who attend races are such sophisticated, urbane Liberals.  I didn’t even know they SOLD white wine spritzers at the track.  I thought NASCAR were a bunch of gas-loving, beer-drinking, gun-toting, red-neck mothers like me.
Shows what I know.
Joe Doakes

When Marketing people operate without adult supervision…

10 thoughts on “Mr. NASCAR? Call From Mr. Gillette…

  1. During the height of the destruction of American history movement a couple years back, NASCAR asked fans at the venerable Darlington motor speedway not to fly the Confederate battle flag.

    Youda thunk theyda taken a hint.

    We’ve been to Darlington a couple times, and down to Atlanta once this year. I can think of 100 other ways to spend $200.

  2. It’s not NASCAR. It is some “woke” administrator.
    Colleges churn out people with degrees in business or the LA who have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the leftist world view. They are taught that only their activism redeems an otherwise meaningless life, and they believe it. Most of the woke warriors are females who are only useful in “back office” jobs like HR, marketing, and PR.
    Old white guys executives aren’t very smart. They look at a 20-something female mixed race marketing person and think that they know what they are doing and genuinely want the organization to succeed.
    They don’t know what they are doing and they don’t give a shit about the company.

  3. You may be right, MP. But that woke administrator is making decisions in the name of NASCAR. This is gonna blow up in their faces, big time.

    NASCAR is a family owned sanctioning organization, but they don’t own the tracks or the cars or the teams; they don’t own sh*t, in fact. I can foresee an “outlaw” racing circuit cropping up in the near future. In fact, I think a middle finger reaction would spark a renewed interest. After all, stock car racing was born of Southern bootleggers and many fans see themselves as Rebels.

  4. Yeah, the dirt track Outlaws run engines bigger than allowed.

    The NASCAR Outlaws would be running bigger testicles than allowed.

  5. I can’t say if it’s true, but MP’s hypothesis about 20-something marketers making some of these calls seems at least plausible. Might explain Target’s decision to open up their bathrooms to “trans” people, which of course would include “people who are not trans at all, but rather should be on Megan’s List”.

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