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  1. Here’s The Latest Update On Construction Of Trump’s Border Wall (09/09/19)

    “The Trump administration is replacing old, ineffective barriers at the U.S. southern border, but they cannot say when they will begin constructing wall in areas with no existing border barrier.

    Morgan declined to answer, however, when the Daily Caller asked when Americans can expect the administration to actually break ground on construction projects on new linear miles of wall.”

  2. replacing old, ineffective barriers at the U.S.

    So replacing barriers that are old and ineffective is bad?

  3. If the wall wasn’t effective, the anti-wall people wouldn’t care about it, QED.

  4. jdm wrote:“So replacing barriers that are old and ineffective is bad?”

    That’s not the point. Fox News is claiming a new wall system is being constructed.

    /“Border Patrol releases drone footage showing miles of >’new wall system’< being built“/

    Must be alternative facts ….

  5. But if that “new wall system” is being erected to replace the old and ineffective barriers – as per the Fox News report – what’s the problem?

  6. Joe: I put up new cabinets in my kitchen.

    Emery: No, you didn’t! No, you didn’t! You had cabinets before, the busted ones that were falling down. You just replaced the busted ones with ones that work. Fake news! Fake news!

    Joe: Relax. The train is fine.

  7. Also, let’s not forget that the attacks on illegal immigration are multi-faceted. From the Daily Wire Democrats ‘Coaching’ Migrants During Secret Mexico Trips, Leaked Letter Alleges.

    And shipping over Africans, Bangladeshis, and assorted Muslims to Mexico to make the trip to the US. Maybe to carry Fentanyl from the Chinese to the US.

    But by all means, keep trying to score cheap political points about the progress building “the wall” that you don’t want nor even care about anyway.

  8. The Overton Window seems to have shifted. Democrats are no longer talking about “comprehensive immigration reform,” instead they are talking open borders. They want to use administrative law to accomplish this.
    This is actually an improvement. The Dems seem to realize that the blanket amnesty they crave is no longer possible. You rarely hear it on the media, but Americans want strict immigration law enforcement of existing law, by something like 2;1 over the people who want to maintain current non-enforcement of immigration laws.

  9. That’s odd — nowhere in JD’s Fox link does it state the CBP is repairing existing wall systems.

    Fun fact — there’s been no construction of new wall during Trump’s term in office.

  10. That’s odd — nowhere in JD’s Fox link does it state the CBP is repairing existing wall systems.

    “Elsewhere in Arizona, crews were installing 30-foot steel fencing Friday to replace older barriers next to a border crossing known as Lukeville Port of Entry, which is part of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.”

  11. Nowhere in this post nor the comments are found the words “repairing existing wall systems” or even just repairing except in the comment above. Ah, yes, the New Obtuseness.

    The construction is taking place near San Luis and is being carried out with the help of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

    “CBP has constructed over 60 miles of new border wall system along the SW border since 2017 and expects to complete 450 miles by the end of 2020,” the Border Patrol said in a tweet.

    The agency also tweeted footage showing how a 10-foot wall in the area “failed to impede and deny illegal entries” in 2005.

    And here’s that tweet. Hey! Waittaminute, that tweet was included in the Fox report.

  12. It occurs to me that replacing existing walls with better ones is a perfectly viable approach. Those existing walls were presumably put in those places they are for a reason. Like the amount of traffic. And building new walls in new places instead of making sure that existing walls are doing the job seems less good.

  13. Count me also puzzled that replacing decrepit border walls in areas which likely had/have high rates of border crossings somehow does not count towards Trump’s promise to work towards border security. One might similarly allege that replacing crumbling shingles isn’t a good way to protect your home, because you’re not putting shingles on a new addition or something.

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