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It’s no secret that Democrats like Ilhan Omar are openly anti-Semitic and actively seek to destroy Israel.
President Trump says Jews who support such Democrats are betraying their own people and the nation of Israel. 
Paul Mirengoff, writing at Powerline, is upset the President would point this out. Trump is not a Jew.  It’s “inappropriate” for him to speak out.  He “slanders” Jews.
Mirengoff says there are lots of reason Jews might prefer Democrats over Trump, policy reasons or domestic issues.  True, but irrelevant.  If Candidate A says he will give you everything you ever dreamed of, for free, and also will destroy Israel, then voting for Candidate A means you are voting to destroy Israel. 
Mirengoff is the perfect stereotype of the Dave Durenberger – Arne Carlson style of Republican.  It’s no wonder conservatives were sold out time and again while liberals advanced their agenda. 
Being nice is not more important than telling the truth.
Joe Doakes

I suspect Mirengoff (whom I’ve interviewed) is speaking more or less clinically about Jews’ reasons for preferring Democrats, but Joe is correct. It’s easy to “clinical” your way into despotism.

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  1. “Mirengoff is the perfect stereotype of the Dave Durenberger – Arne Carlson style of Republican.”

    Joe do you read Powerline, or with regularity? Mirengoff is not a perfect stereotype of the Dave Durenberger – Arne Carlson style of Republican. He’s not Durenberger/Carlson-esque in tone or substance. Mirengoff is a fairly retrograde righty, hardliner.

    His two assertions are right, by the way… Trump’s disloyal ‘attack’ is unwarranted, ie, one that he needn’t make, and it’s thus unwise.

  2. John, I’ve been reading Powerline since Mirengoff was Deacon. I still read it every day, right after Shot in the Dark.

    Mirengoff is consistently the most likely member to fret about Conservatives acting forcefully, the most likely to insist on civility, the most likely to counsel staying within the boundaries set by Democrats resulting in weakness and retreat.

    Just like Dave Durenberger and Arne Carlson. Polite. Genteel. Smile a lot. Accomplish nothing. Resist nothing.

    Trump is the one moving the Overton Window, daring to highlight liberal bias in the media, pushing back with Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

    Trump treating Jews as an identity group who must vote together on Jewish issues including Israel or be a traitor to your race, is exactly how Democrats treat every identity group (except White people). Don’t like it when Republicans say it? Then why put up with it when Democrats say it? Are you a person, or a number?

  3. I can discern Mirengoff’s strategic contrarianism, yes… So maybe that’s ‘tone’.

    In substance he seems pretty doctrinaire. On crim justice / law order he’s certainly a right cop sucker.

  4. Trump’s the last person in the world who should be lecturing anyone on disloyalty or ignorance.

  5. It wasn’t Trump who conspired with foreign intelligence agencies, was it? That would be Hillary.

  6. Mirengoff should join Arne, Emmer and Amy Koch for the next Minnpost fundraiser. Have a Barbershop quartet; lots of laffs…the reprobates would love it.

  7. Powerline’s Scott Johnson has decided to pull out the stops on his attacks on Ilhan Omar. Johnson is now saying, explicitly, that Omar married her brother as part of an immigration fraud scheme. He also says that her birth last name is not really Omar. She seems to have adopted that name so that she could make a kinship claim that would make her own immigration case easier.
    Lying on your citizenship application is grounds for deportation.
    Until now Johnson has held his fire, only hinting at these things (her bogus marriage and her false claim to be an Omar). I imagine the latest Ilhan Omar news about her separation and affair with a campaign contractor has convinced Johnson that among her many flaws, Omar is not especially intelligent.
    Omar may be about to discover that Lutheran Immigration Services really does not have that much influence with the government.

  8. Unfortunately, MP, I think Johnson may find that the truth doesn’t have that much influence with the government either.

  9. With many at PowerLine, I’m wondering when people in the Muslim community are going to get curious about the many alleged infractions of Sharia law apparently perpetrated by Omar. Maybe I misunderstand Somali versions of Islam, but if I were a publicly known Muslim accused of cuckolding my husband and marrying my brother as an immigration dodge, I would be very, very nervous, and not just as I approached reelection.

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