This Time Without Daddy Warbucks’ Money

Let’s not be coy about it – Jason Lewis lost the 2nd District congressional election because Angie Craig floated to a close win on a tsunami of out-of-district money during a first-term midterm that was bound to bring out the knee-jerks and the soccer moms. The Bloomberg fortune alone pumped seven figures of filthy anti-gun lucre into the district – testimony to how much Big Left hated the most articulate conservative in the House.

But it’s a whole ‘nother election, and Angie Craig has exactly as much to show for her time in office as you’d expect an “HR Executive” to have accomplished – the same as they accomplish in the real business world. Bupkes.

Or – rematch? Nah. Maybe a swing at the Butcher of Vandalia, Tina Smith.

I’d go for that.

27 thoughts on “This Time Without Daddy Warbucks’ Money

  1. Taking down Craig would be good, but for me a smackdown of Tina Smith would be even better.

  2. The entire Democratic party has zero to show. I hope the MNGOP can recruit well in the 3rd district so Dean Phillips is proven to be a one term wonder, as Craig should be in the 6th.

  3. NP, PoD.

    It may be that the latest reports of campaign contributions to the RNC will provide some help in overcoming Daddy Warbucks.

  4. Getting rid of Emmer would deny The Minnpost one of their fundraising headliners. Not sure, but there may be a downside, somewhere.

  5. I have never been more disappointed of the change in a person than Emmer, I was a huge part of Emmer for Governor in 2010, got to know the guy on a first name basis, then he went to DC and lost his spine and conviction. The 2010 Tom Emmer would be so embaressed and probably pissed off at what the 2019 Tom Emmer has become.

  6. Emmer used to be on KSTP with Bob Davis (2011?) and he was a squish then as well. I don’t think he’s a Flake or Sasse, but yes, he hasn’t done a whole lot to stand out as conservative – and that in a district where he could stand out and be rewarded. In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve voted against him each primary (he’s had some good opponents), but not in the general.

  7. Agree, Swiftee, but I recall thinking that BD was (not sure about is) soft around the edges as well.

  8. Agree on both Phillips, who seems to be more interested in photo ops at the Vikings complex (which is not in his district) and hanging out at Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce. Two years ago, a hard core lefty named Jonathan Weinhagen, the organization has become noticeably more political and, of course, toward lefty causes, like light rail.

    Phillips has recently sent out emails, one a survey on gun violence, which allowed about twenty words worth of comments, but in the answers, at least had more focus on mental health. The survey was probably given to him by either Bloomberg or Protect Minnesota (pardon the redundancy). His second was entitled, “What I’ve been up to”, which talked about working with his “good friend” Angie Craig on reducing gun violence and showed a picture of his student advisory council, made up of left wing indoctrinated high school students.

    Both Phillips and Craig are just limousine liberals, with Phillips being a trust fund baby trying to be important.

    Emmer is on with the KTLK morning team most Fridays and if he’s off the rails, he’s talking a good game. He still seems pretty strong on 2nd Amendment issues.

    Finally, I work with a woman whose husband was John Kline’s left hand man. She said that for a variety of reasons and his bad judgement, Jason Lewis pretty much handed his seat to Craig on a silver platter.

  9. She said that for a variety of reasons and his bad judgement, Jason Lewis pretty much handed his seat to Craig on a silver platter.

    Do you know more? This is interesting.

  10. jdm,

    Yes. I just didn’t want my last screed to be too long.

    His first mistake was not taking advice from people that know the crap storm that is Washington DC., including John Kline. (I don’t have details, but she said he even threw Kline under the bus on something). For instance, he wouldn’t hire a right hand man/advisor to guide him, because it would “cost too much”. He jab several good people volunteer to do the job, too.

    One piece of advice Kline’s people gave Lewis, was to continue Kline’s practice of sending commendation letter to every graduating high school senior in his district, again because it “cost too much”, but this was a huge fund raiser/vote getter, including from over 85% of the recipients of the letter, for Kline during his entire tenure.

    Now, I can’t damn him for not wanting to spend the money, but sometimes being stingy is a detriment.

    He also didn’t attend many community events in his district, which Kline used masterfully to get support.

    Lewis is a great policy wonk, but sometimes the way he delivered his message, was seen as sleazy.

  11. That’s very interesting info to know, BH. Thanks for that. I wonder if Jason realizes or knows about these things, and if so, will he try something differently this time around?

    Film at 11.

  12. I live in that district, and Kline was majorly peeved that his hand-picked replacement was roundly defeated by just about every other candidate in the endorsing convention and then the primary. I was happy when I was re-districted from McCollum to Kline, but then I noticed that their votes weren’t much different. Kline was a Swamp Thing, but at least he was “our” Swamp Thing, I guess.

  13. Thanks, bosshoss. It’s about what I expected unfortunately. Lewis is a stalworth non-leftist but he has a bad habit of being pointlessly stubborn about things. Trivial things as well. I remember when he once spent an entire hour ranting about how Windows users are conservatives and Linux users are left-wing parasites. In the process, he revealed he knows nothing about operating systems, how they work, nor anything about the reputation and practices of Microsoft in the industry, but his response to those who would inform him was brutal and embarrassing.

  14. Bill C;

    I hate to say this, because I like Lewis’ no holds barred style, but he has probably been told this stuff and is just too stubborn to care. I haven’t heard whether or not he is planning to run again.

    On another note, thanks to Judicial Watch and Dr. Robert Epstein, more and more information coming out about election fraud by lefties in the 2018 elections. Some of it may have been anti-Trump sentiment, but there is room to doubt that it wasn’t manipulated.

  15. For the sake of context, Jason Lewis was swept out of office losing by over 5 points to Angie Craig.

    Craig was a political novice and relative unknown when she knocked off the Republican incumbent, not having held any political office before she beat him.

    So basically, Lewis was crushed by a nobody in a midterm election year.

    So once again Lewis runs, only this time for a Senate seat, on a grievance platform and this is news?

  16. Yea, Emery. Believe what you will. She also ran against Lewis when he won the seat, so to say she was “relative unknown” is unbelievably stupid. She’s just another stooge, funded by big medical companies. In other words, a typical hypocritical DemonRat.

  17. Karin Housely was a stronger candidate than Lewis, and she got crushed by Smith

    This is good news for Smith. Lewis cannot carry the state, especially when turnout will be extremely high.

  18. Keep counting your chickens, Emery.

    You must have forgotten how far left the Democrats have moved, including legalizing murder. Based on what I’m hearing from many of my Democrat friends and associates, that isn’t “Minnesota Nice”. I suspect Smith, who has done nothing since she was elected, is in for a tough fight.

  19. “Private property, religious liberty, due process, the pride of citizenship, the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance, even Betsy Ross’s flag, are now seen as dispensable relics to a radical political movement that appears to be gaining steam in the corridors of power.” ~ Jason Lewis

    Conservatives have really gone over the edge with the crazy.

  20. Supporting private property vs. the spending and taxation programs of the left, or supporting religious liberty vs. Obamacare and radical proponents of same sex mirage and transgenderism, are wild fringe ideas these days, Emery? Seriously?

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