Two mass shootings over the weekend.

Senate Majority Leader Gazelka had an excellent response:

As does Representative Munson.

Let us, indeed, think about the “why”:

Speaking of “why” – law enforcement will be looking for patterns. And while we’re on the subject:

As a friend asks – “do they make these in a lab?” “Copycat killer” has a whole new meaning.

By the way; over the weekend – a “progressive” from the invincibly ignorant set bellowed (rhetorically) at me “askiing” if I’d renounce “white supremacy” in the wake of El Paso.

It was a groaningly stupid and insulting thing to say – I did mention he was from the invincibly ignorant crowd, right?

I haven’t told him “This is the appropriate response to ‘white supremacists’ with firearms on shootings sprees“.

And, for that matter, a good guy with a gun did in fact help out in El Paso.

Berg’s 18th Law is still in effect. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: In related news, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will never do lunch in Berkeley again:


56 thoughts on “Responses

  1. My plan attacking a symptom and not the disease is not a ‘problem’ of my plan, its that you insist that there be some purity of libertarian type logic applied. Thing is, ‘the mental illness problem’ of malevolent incels present in the ambiance isn’t going to be addressed by any sort of plan, at all, ever. So applying a solution that works means taking a crack at weapons availability at a couple minor points. Its not unreasonable.

    Yeah – the LV guy doesn’t fit the pattern.

  2. “Thing is, ‘the mental illness problem’ of malevolent incels present in the ambiance isn’t going to be addressed by any sort of plan, at all, ever”

    That’s straight up bullshit, John. Its only since the sexual revolution of the 60’s that young guys started believing there was a problem if they weren’t getting laid regularly by 18.

    And it’s only since the reprobate left started peddling sex in the publuc schools that the no sex problem started being detected by 13.

    Sexual encounters, outside brothels, were far and few between for most od Amerucan history. And there were always guns galore. But somehow, we didn’t see young Turks turning homicidal…how did they pull it off??Magic maybe?

    It’s more than a lack of sex. Its isolation; its recreational drugs; it’s lack of parental discipline, guidance and love. Its lack of family and culture and tradition. Its lack of religion. Its lack of respect for human life; Shout your Abortion, y’all!!

    American society is largely a cesspool. There is literally no debauchery so filthy one cannot find being acted out on the internet. Even mainstream movies muck about.

    Toss in 7 or 8 years of behavior controlling drugs in school; authority figures (teachers & councillors) assuring the kids that the degradation they learn about in class is perfectly normal human behavior and only a dimwit couldn’t see this coming.

  3. Its not BS. I agree with what you call out as causality, but that toothpaste is not going back in the tube… the cesspool of society doesn’t get cleaned up, wont and cant. So it continues to spawn off whatever amount of broken people it does, and it won’t be less.

    So “doing something” means changing the weapons flow, and I think there’s probably away a way to do it without abridging the 2A right.

  4. Swiftee nails it better than I ever could, mental illness factored in with lonliness. And as someone who spent his 20s… basically being the equivalent of a male whore I can tell you, after awhile meaningless sex becomes… well meaningless and not fulfilling at all.

  5. John, keep in mind that when the government evaluated the 1994 semi-auto ban, they found it had no measurable effect on crime. None. Zero, zip, nada.

    Now why would a renewal of a similar law be any different?

    Gun control sounds compelling until you look at the data–ineffective at reducing crime, and it enables government as it seeks to undermine the human rights. Let’s not forget the ~100 million people killed by their own governments in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, Ottoman Turkey, Uganda, and elsewhere in the 20th century after being disarmed.

    More or less, anything that generates a gun registry is off limits, and that includes an expansion of background checks. Don’t forget for a minute that the BATFE blatantly ignored the Brady law by attempting to retain purchase records for 18 months–and keep in mind that when you consider computer backups, that means the records exist basically forever.

  6. John K is correct that even Scalia and Thomas recognize limits on the Second Amendment, and power to regulate it. But what limits, and how much power? Look back at the Heller and McDonald opinions – they are the historical limits existing before the Revolution, and only that power necessary to accomplish them.

    Children and the insane lack the judgment to use guns wisely; therefore, they can’t have them.

    Felons have demonstrated unwillingness to follow society’s rules; therefore, they can’t have them.

    That’s about it. Everybody else – every adult, sane law-abiding citizen – should have the right to vote, to marry, to own property, to keep and bear arms.

    The second you start making exceptions, the very first one you make, violates the historical limits and grants too much power to the government. Except Slaves. Except free Negros who can’t pay a tax. Except Jews. Except deplorable people bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles.

    I’m sorry, John K., but you’re wrong. Incremental capitulation by the law-abiding won’t solve the problem of crimes caused by the insane.

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