Double-Dog Gun-Free Zone

The downtown “Crave” restaurant, which suffered a shooting over the weekend, has been called on the carpet by Mother City:

In the wake of a brazen double-shooting at a downtown Minneapolis restaurant, the city’s licensing division wants the owners of Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar to establish stricter security protocols to protect its patrons.
The city sent a letter to Crave owner Keyvan Talebi on Monday citing two code violations related to the early Saturday shooting, including failing to provide adequate security to prevent criminal activity. The letter asks Talebi to provide an updated security plan for staff training, how management will stop people from bringing in guns and how staff can work better with police in case of an emergency. The plan must be submitted to the downtown police precinct by July 23.

They were already a “gun free zone”.

Y’mean, that doesn’t work?


10 thoughts on “Double-Dog Gun-Free Zone

  1. Those are amazing (as in terrifying) conditions required by the city. How does management stop people from bringing in guns?

  2. It would be nice to be in metal detector sales, if the city feels that is an acceptable requirement for those security plans. Or maybe much larger “gun free zone” signs will work?

  3. When I applied for an on-premise license in Minneapolis, I got to fill all of that stuff out as well. My take on it is that it’s a check the box type requirement. If there’s a shooting at a liquor establishment, that gets sent immediately. You could likely write in the same stuff as before to satisfy the requirement.

    And, if it happens again, Regulatory Services can say that they had discussed and revised the security plan with the owners, and it isn’t their fault.

  4. You know the answer the police want to hear: hire an off-duty police officer. Helps build off-book overtime income.

    If you were the personal injury lawyer representing one of the people who got shot, could you use the code violation letter as evidence against the club? Says right here you failed to take adequate measures to protect your customers from gunfire. That makes you liable for their injuries. Pay up.

    I’m liking this idea. Use it against all gun-free zones.

  5. “Failure to provide adequate security to prevent criminal activity.” OK, so the city is now telling stores that they not only need to pay every floor-sweeper $15/hour, but they also need to hire a security guard for three times that price?

    Good luck keeping businesses alive in that mindset. If I had been Talebi, I’d be tempted to say “my plan is to take down this idiotic no guns sign and replace it with some NRA bumper stickers–and I’m not talking about the National Restaurant Association.”

    On a related note, my brother used to live in a dicey area of San Jose, and he once told me that if you’re being followed in a dicey area, go into a smut shop. It sounds weird until you realize that the porn shop owner (a) could use some good publicity for helping people and (b) is probably armed.

    I’ve never had occasion to test out that theory, but it was an interesting hypothesis.

  6. they also need to hire a security guard for three times that price

    Armed or not? Either way tho’, $45/hour seems a mite niggardly (yeah, I went there 😉 for taking on both parties in a potential gangland shoot-out.

  7. If it’s five or ten times that price, I stand corrected. Any of these figures are sufficient to put many small businesses under, which was my point.

  8. Since the city council has got it figured out, I’d recommend the owner go down there and ask how you prevent violence from feral Negroes without excluding Negroes who act feral.

  9. IMHO, the best chance the proprietor of the Crave has to avoid shootouts in his restaurant is to move to Afton.

  10. Actually, bike, I wasn’t criticizing your arithmetic. I was, as were you, criticizing the accusation of “Failure to provide adequate security to prevent criminal activity.” but from a different perspective.

    There is literally no way to not break this law/policy if something, anything happens in your establishment. From shoot-outs to knifings, to drug use/deals in the bathroom, to setting up a “pay date” that policy makes you as a business owner liable for them all, if the DA wants to prosecute.

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