As Predicted

At the end of a dismal midterm broadcast last November, I wrapped up the show by observing that the one thing in which conservatives and other Real Americans could take comfort was the inevitability of Democrat overreach. They would take the normal first-term mid-term surge as a mandate to go crazy.

Progressive gonna progressive, in other words.

As Peggy Noonan notes, all is going exactly as foretold – and among the symptoms are Minneapolis’ own Ilhan Omar. I’ve added a bit of emphasis here and there:

The more serious Democratic Party problem with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and Ms. Omar is not that their great talent seems to be for political manipulation, or that they constantly set fires, portray the universe as consisting of angels and demons, and put people off with their arrogance while exciting them with their ferocity—though all these things are true.
It is that in doing these dramatic things, and amplifying them through their impressive social-media skills, or compulsions, they have fully broken through and made their mark. In their fame and celebrity they altered the face and feel of the party into something that appears more radical, more hissing and accusatory, more hard-left.
Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s success last June scared fellow Democrats across the country into thinking she is the future, that they must get aboard and get with her program, which many of the party’s presidential nominees have. She has very effectively changed the ideologicalshape of the Democratic Party with her de facto open-borders policy and other extremisms.
Mature liberals and moderates know this will come back to bite them.
She does this from a completely safe district. She can’t be primaried from the left. She feels a job security no Democratic moderate can feel. Nancy Pelosi said a glass of water could be elected in her district if it were a Democrat, and it’s true.
For all these reasons Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has been destructive to her party’s chances in 2020. She is a one woman Committee to Re-Elect the President.

As embarassing and toxic as Ilhan Omar is, she is a gift that will keep giving to conservatives for …

…well, being in the Fifth CD, for as long as she wants.

12 thoughts on “As Predicted

  1. The most frightening thing about this is that similar words were said as Trump were running in 2016- that he was destroying the Republican party, that his nomination guaranteed a win for Hillary. It was the thought until he won.

    I know that these politicians need to stand out to get media attention. Just wish policy discussions and records of accomplishment were more interesting to the consumers of most media.

  2. The crazy thing is that, in any sane world, no Democrat could ever win election. Every election win is a fluke, because 80-90% of all people are NOT that crazy. Yet here we are. Hopefully we can figure out how to restore sanity. A defeat of some of these “safe” nutballs would be a great thing for the country. Ideas?

  3. I say both of them are going to be primaried in 2020 by more “acceptable” leftist candidates. And they will both crush them 70-90% of the vote.

  4. Gosh, didn’t know I didn’t count as a Real American. What does that take? Serving in the Military? Voting in every election since I was eligible to vote? Standing up for our Constitution (and all the Amendments not just the 2nd)?

    Check, check and check. I need no solace after the mid-terms, Mitch. I looked forward to 2020.

  5. This fight with Ilhan Omar and “the squad” is exactly where Trump wants 2020 fought. The more media and Democrats engage him, the better for him. All this fight does is re-polarize the partisans and leaves the up-for-grabs voters (who want to hear about bread-butter issues ) tuned out.

  6. It wasn’t that long ago that the media was claiming that the GOP (which since 1988, had nominated Bush, Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney) had veered hard right. Remember the “this is not your father’s GOP” spin?
    If you are a democrat, and you are running for prez, you must endorse socialized medicine, free abortions through the fourth trimester, and believe that women have penises and can impregnate men.
    How’s that for radical?

  7. Peevee, you’re an American all right. You’re an American in the same sense that a human cancer cell is human.

  8. “Real American” is code for white American.

    If you don’t like their views or actions, say what it is about their views or actions you don’t like (while characterizing those views fairly and accurately), without regard to race or ethnicity or their or their ancestors’ national origin.

    The principle is no matter what they believe in, whether we love or despise their views, Americans are Americans.

  9. Conservatives telling us what Trump meant to say instead of what he actually said. This is my favorite game over the last 2+ years.

  10. “Real American” is code for white American.


    It’s in-the-clear for “Second Amendment Supporter”.

  11. Really, Emery, you should be ashamed of yourself for that slam. This site has commended people of all races, religions, and ethnicities for realizing that the right to keep and bear arms–really all of the Constitution–is important. You know better, and you nevertheless put out that nonsense about it meaning only whites.

    Shame on you.

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