Statement On The Matter Of Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapiinoe isn’t boring and irrelevant to me because she’s a women’s soccer player and a “progressive”.

She’s boring and irrelevant to me because she’s a soccer player and a “progressive”.

Glad we could settle that.

9 thoughts on “Statement On The Matter Of Megan Rapinoe

  1. Get back to me when they start a Womens’ Lingerie Soccer League. That, I might pay to watch.

  2. You gotta give her credit for one thing, she has a point about equal pay.

    There is no reason that spoiled millionaire boys should be paid more than spoiled girls. Lower the boys pay and use the revenue to compensate the taxpayers for their stadiums.

    Now I am sure that there are a lot libertarian out there who feels that everyone has a right to negotiate their personal worth and while I agree with them in principle, as a taxpayer, why can’t I personally negotiate with Ziggy Wolfe over who pays for his stadium? Same for the Twins stadium. Same for the Saints stadium. And the same for that thing built in the Midway for soccer fans.

    If I had that right, the negotiations would be rather terse.

  3. The media goes where the money is. If there was a more compelling sporting event to televise this summer, rest assured it would be.

  4. Swiftee, the funniest thing about that is that after that performance, Miss Rapinoe was talking about having more love. Keepin’ it classy, that’s what I say.

  5. Emery, I think it’s Ashlyn Harris, not Swiftee, who might be confused on that point, judging by her statement at the parade. Hide your daughters and wives?

  6. The women’s team earns a small fraction of the revenue earned by the male team, because the male team is more popular, possibly because they play a faster-paced, more exciting game. People don’t want to pay as much to see a second or third rate team perform. Once again, the choices made by a free people are the declared the enemy of liberals. Can we change their name now?

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