Burn Portland (Legally) To The Ground

“Anti”-fa thugs – upper-middle-class children of our idiot “elites” all, wearing masks to give them a little anonymous mob bravery – attack and injure Andy Ngo, editor of Quillette, the academic left’s current bete noir. It took place in, where else, Portland Oregon – the “Minneapolis of the West”.

The government of Portland – being largely the parents, uncles and aunts, teachers and employers of the “Anti”-fa thugs, sit on their hands at best, cheer along and order the cops to stand down at worst.

The “Elite” media? They’re even worse, gaslighting Ngo and his supporters.

Ngo was viciously assaulted on Saturday afternoon while he was covering Antifa protesters. In a video posted online, the journalist was kicked, punched, and had milkshakes thrown on him by the left-wing thugs. According to Portland Police, some of the milkshakes being tossed by Antifa reportedly contained quick-dry cement.
Soon after the attack, Dhillon informed the public that Ngo “is being admitted to the hospital overnight as a result of a brain bleed.”

Portland’s neo-socialist government, and the media (but I repeat myself) say do nothing at the very least, participate in a hate crime at worst.

I’m thinking it’s time for some litigation therapy. And it sounds like Mr. Ngo’s attorney has the right attitude:

I’m liking the cut of her jib, as they say.

9 thoughts on “Burn Portland (Legally) To The Ground

  1. Perhaps Joe should found The Midwest Middle-class Law Center (MMLC). I found an excellent model for a mission statement here and only had to change a few words.

    The Midwest Middle-class Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for every member of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the MMLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.

    Let the litigation roll.

    First target: Woody Kaine. Why wasn’t he, and the entire Kaine family by extension, sued?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Just to be clear:
    Snowflake == upset because college cafeteria serves Americanized tacos.
    Snowflake != victim of physical assault by masked thugs.

  3. Hit Woody Kaine — or any of these bourgeois bastards — with a felony conviction, and they will be barred from law school, the legal profession, and any profession where they are trusted with confidential info or handle money.
    Tears will flow in the court room.

  4. Greg; surely you jest! I mean, the communists running the City of St. Paul, specifically John Cho, prosecute one of their own?! Balderdash! 😂

  5. specifically John Cho, prosecute one of their own?

    Just like with OJ, when prosecution fails, you sue in civil court.

  6. Emery, stop streaming tears. Times change. Humor considered cracked 20 years ago is everyday life in any leftist hive. MAD has been usurped by the Washington Post.

    Marvel has a tranny superhero; right up your ally, pal.

  7. Ya know; credit where credit is due.

    Not one of “us”, Merg or the comentariat, squirted crocodile tears because this guy is an Asian phag.

    I wish I could say the same for “mainstream” Neo-con conservatives(actually, thats not true. Fukthem). Because his race and sexual problems are not the issue.

    The issue is leftist Black shirts running wild in the streets of leftist sh1tholes with the tacit approval of the leftist reprobates in power.

    Well done gentlemen, well done.
    *golf clap*

  8. It’s going to be rather hard to identify and sue all those guys based on about a minute of video, no? I wish Ngo and his attorney well, but getting that proof there to win lawsuits is not a trivial thing, unless I’m missing something big.

    It also stands to reason that if the Portland police will not protect non-antifa residents from their city’s Antifa (fascist) Klansmen, they are likely to learn someday that when men are denied recourse via the soap box, jury box, or voting box, that they are going to get it via the cartridge box. Hopefully it will be like the “Deacons for Defense and Justice”, and not too many people will be hurt. However, that cannot be guaranteed.

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