The Problem…

…with trying to run a society with the entitled cranks that make up so much of the modern left is that if you’re a consevative, they really, really hate you and the idea of sharing a society with you.

University of Texas “Anarchist” (really Maxarchist) group promises to “dox” students who joint the campus’s conservative organization:

“Hey #UT23! Do you wanna be famous? If you join YCT or Turning Point USA, you just might be. Your name and more could end up on an article like one of these,” the tweet said, linking to previous doxxing posts of conservative students at the school. “So be sure to make smart choices at #UTOrientation

There are times I wish I was still in school.

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  1. Hey, remember when Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were warning of “a chill wind blowing” across the country, threatening first amendment rights?

    Damn, when they’re right, they’re right!

  2. I admit it’s all real easy for me to say as my ID is semi-anonymous using my initials, but it seems to me that the only way to defeat stunts like this is for conservatives to step up and say, “Conservative? Well, yes, yes I am” and that all those who are as well along with all those who understand what this blackmail threat means, group together to “defend” those are doxxed.

  3. Orwell was wrong, we have more to fear from NGOs and the private sector regarding free speech than the government.

  4. It strikes me that those who do these tactics might be dissuaded if, as occurred at Oberlin recently vis-a-vis Gibson’s Bakery, and as occurred to a former staffer of Senator Hassan’s, the “doxxed” periodically sought redress in court. Put gently, if all you say is “Bob differs with me politically; would you fire him?”, the employer will most likely invite the doxxer to take a long walk off a short pier. To do real harm, you’ve generally got to make stuff up.

    Inviting lawsuits/prosecution for libel, harassment, and the like. Which will tend, of course, to result in the doxxer’s future unemployability.

  5. BB, as they say, Karma is a bitch. I feel no sorrow for those actively doing the doxxing.

  6. But also lets be honest, its not like the people doing the doxxing had many skills or employability in the first place anyway.

  7. What’s the proper response to being doxxed? Suck it up? Slink away? Incentives influence behavior. Perhaps we haven’t applied the right incentives to curb obnoxious behavior?

    Robert Heinlein famously quipped: “A gun-carrying society is a polite society.” That’s not strictly true, of course; he was talking about civilized gun-carriers, not the feral gun-carriers who infest cities today.

    Still, it seems to me that sooner or later, someone’s going to get peeved enough to implement the Clay Allison solution which will generate enormous wailing, handwringing and pearl clutching among the Utopians but also a fair bit of silent schadenfreude among the deplorable people bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles.

  8. POD, many of these people do have marketable skills, actually. Jackson Cosko was a graduate student in cybersecurity–using what he learned to install keystroke loggers at his employers’ computers. Samantha Deforest-Davis, who let him in to the office and cleaned some things up when Cosko was about to be caught, has a teaching certificate. Felony convictions are going to put the hurt on their future employment, to put it mildly.

    For my part, I am well aware of the hazards of what I say online and elsewhere, and that there are many out there who will indeed use a “no holds barred” approach to the political process. I therefore try to write and speak carefully, but at the end of the day, there is a point where I need to remember the proper response is to “lawyer up”.

  9. BB that is true and I feel the same but its really sad we have gotten to this point. But like pandoras box there is no going back now. We have to play by the (sometimes admittedly fucked up rules) society goes by

  10. My online philosophy the last 6 or 7 years has been more about sowing seeds than pulling weeds. There are innumerable weeds that need pulling in our society (and online cultures), but even if you pull every one you’ll still have barren ground unless seeds are sown. I’ve also wanted to be known by the things I’m for, rather than the things I’m against. Not that certain folks won’t still find that offensive, but those are the battles I want to fight.

  11. my online philosphy the last few months is to prepare for meme war 2020. Viva la Pepe! No, the frog isnt a alt-right sign its more of a middle finger at the establishment.

  12. This is an example of what happens when a decent, conservative state gets a nasty infection of leftist reprobates.

    It’s like an open sore, festering and stinking, and the infection will spread. Texas needs to disinfect their cities and Universities.

  13. Would you put up with it if a newspaper published an article calling for you to be fired? Of course not. You don’t see those kind of ads because the publisher can be sued for damages. A ruined career has got to be worth a few million even with no punitive damages.
    So why don’t we sue Twitter when Twitter when it publishes an article calling for you to be fired?
    Take them into court. Clean them out, or make them stop acting as a publisher.

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