Do The Time

What’s the appropriate penalty for throwing a cigarette butt on the ground?
What if it’s a lit cigarette?
What if it’s a lit cigarette in an area prone to wildfires?
this seems light, to me.
If your car doesn’t have an ashtray, carry an empty Coke can in drink holder with a few drops of water in the bottom.  Throw your trash in the trash can, not out the window.  Act like a civilized human being, not an ignorant savage.  How hard it is?
Joe Doakes

How hard it is?


I’m starting to think we really can’t handle the truth on that one.

1 thought on “Do The Time

  1. I’m reminded of a BMW ad about 20 years back that caught H*** because it showed–in arid Colorado–the owner flicking his cigarette out the window.

    For those who are persuaded that, since there generally aren’t ashtrays installed or even available in new cars, they’re out of luck, just google “cupholder ashtray.” Interestingly, it’s probably even more convenient and safe than the old ashtrays I remember from the cars of the 1970s and 1980s.

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