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Proposal to outlaw jokes on campus to fight sexual harassment, if it offends the most sensitive person they can dig up. 
Wouldn’t it be easier to go back to single-sex colleges?  No different sexes, no sexual harassment. 
And if someone offends you badly enough that your honor demands satisfaction, perhaps bring back dueling?  It certainly would help resurrect the manly arts.
Joe Doakes

Single sex colleges? Good idea – until they get turned into 1,200+-gender-combination collees.

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  1. Definition: Bad Idea[ bad ahy-dee-uh ]


    1) The effect of time and government on a good idea.
    2) Anything a Democrat thinks is a good idea.

  2. The best education I ever received was in Navy A & C schools. No women, no holemoes, no trannies, no talking, no eating, no gum chewing and no ass grabbing. If you get tired, stand up against the wall because if you nod off, you’ll be sorry.

    They crammed 2 years of tech school into 4 months, and it was so efficient I *still* remember how to calculate wind compensation for an ASROC trajectory.

  3. Swiftee – Army’s schools do a pretty great job of training as well. In 5 months, I went from someone that could use an electrical outlet, to someone that could construct the whole building that outlet was in (to include wiring, plumbing, constructing building/foundation, and the road leading to it). And, I can even spell Engineer now! I’d put that training up against anything else out there.

    Also, I think if dueling came back, life would get a whole lot more polite. Harassing someone while they eat dinner would happen a lot less if you knew you could be called out. Now, do the duels happen with edged weapon, pistol, bare hands, or balloons? I suppose that’s up to whomever was challenged…

  4. Regarding single sex colleges and harassment, keep in mind that the majority of sexual harassment/assault allegations in the military a few years back were same-sex. So in today’s society, it doesn’t solve the problem, really.

  5. So not only can the Left not meme, they have no sense of humor either. Considering how they act and how they have nuked late night TV and destroyed a once great TV show (The Daily Show) with their mean, nasty, angry, “humor” Im not really surprised.

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